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The Applied Mathematics Program aims to give students a solid base of knowledge of mathematics which has important applications in fields such as computer science, physics, earth and atmospheric science, chemistry, biology, psychology and also in economics and business. Our graduates have gone into a variety of careers including business, industry and government as well as teaching. In particular, many have found jobs in various aspects of fields relating to computing. Some students have continued their studies in graduate schools of mathematics, physics or other areas of application.

Professional qualifications are obtainable by the award of a diploma in Operations Research or by writing the examinations of the Society of Actuaries (see the section on Career Information). There are potential jobs for our students wherever mathematics is employed.

Students in Applied Mathematics in the Faculty of Pure and Applied Science may pursue a course of study leading to either a BSc (usually three years) or a BSc (Hons.) (usually four years). Students may combine their studies in Applied Mathematics with another subject such as Physics, Earth and Atmospheric Science, Biology, or Computer Science and thereby graduate with a BSc (Hons.) Double Major or, in some cases, a BSc (Hons.) Major/Minor in two subjects. Applied Mathematics students interested in Economics, Psychology, or another subject offered by the Faculty of Arts may pursue a combined Program by selecting a BA (Hons.)  Double Major or Major/Minor Program in the Faculty of Arts. For example, an Economics-Applied Mathematics Major/Minor BA (Hons.) would be a natural combination. Our students are given the opportunity to take electives in other areas of interest, such as business administration.

All students take a common core of courses in Calculus, Differential Equations, Linear Algebra, Symbolic Computing (Maple), and Numerical Analysis. The core of required courses is larger for Honours students. There is a wide choice of elective courses in Applied Mathematics, including Graph Theory, Operations Research, Partial Differential Equations, Advanced Numerical Analysis, and Complex Variables. In addition, students can select a number of optional courses from outside the Program. Courses in the Program stress applications of mathematics and computing to the solution of problems arising in many facets of science, engineering and commerce.

All students entering Applied Mathematics are carefully advised concerning their course of study by a member of the Program. The instructors in Applied Mathematics courses are available throughout the year for additional advice and help with specific course-related problems.

If you would like further information, please contact the Program Director, Prof. van Rensburg.

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