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Phone: From off campus, 416 736-2100 and then the extension.

Name Position Field of Research Office Ext. # E-mail address
BERGERON.  N Professor Algebraic combinatorics. 2029 TEL 33968 bergeron**
BUGAJSKA.  K Associate Professor  Mathematical physics, string theory, relativity. S626Ross 33930 Krystyna.Bugajska**
GIBSON, P Associate Professor  Inverse Problems, Time-frequency Analysis, Combinatorial Geometry N637Ross  33779 pcgibson**
GRIGULL, J Assistant Professor Bioinformatics, Computational Biology 107 Farq  33719 jgrigull**
HASLAM, M Assistant Professor   S621Ross 44645 mchaslam**
HEFFERNAN, J Assistant Professor Mathematical Immunology and Epidemiology N603Ross 33943 jmheffer**
HUANG. H. X Professor Scientific Computing and Numerical Methods for PDEs  S622Ross  66090  hhuang**
JANKOWSKI, H Assistant Professor Probability and Statistics N621B,Ross 22596 hkj**
KUZNETSOV, A. Assistant Professor Mathematical Finance, Stochastic Processes, Numerical Analysis, Special Functions  N615Ross  33769  kuznetsov**
LIANG.  D Professor Numerical Analysis for PDEs, Numerical Methods for Fluid Flows in Porous Media, Scientific Computing, Computational Biology 225 Petrie 77743 dliang**
MADRAS.  N Professor  Random walks, mathe-matical models in physics and biology, combinatorics,  Monte Carlo methods. S616Ross  33971 madras**
MALTMAN.  K Professor  Quantum Field Theory, Quantum Continuum Mechanics 222 Petrie  77741 Kim.Maltman**
MASSAM.  H. M Professor Statistical Theory N630Ross  66099 massamh*
SALISBURY, T Professor  Probability Theory and Mathematical Finance N536Ross  33921 salt*
STEPRANS.  J Professor  Set theory and its applicaton, Mathematical modelling Fields Institute  33921 steprans*
SZETO.  A Associate Professor  Geodynamics,  Remote Sensing 110 Petrie  77703 szeto*
TANNY, D Associate Professor  Probability, Stochastic Processes, Mathematical Statistics N610Ross 22588  
TAYLOR. P. A  Professor Fluid Mechanics 112 Petrie  77707 Peter.Taylor**
VAN RENSBURG.  B Professor Lattice Statistical Mechanics of interacting random structures, Monte Carlo methods 215 Petrie  33837 rensburg***

Professor (Section Director)

Discrete geometry and its applications, rigidity (static and kinematics) of frameworks,  modelling of flexible proteins, multivariate splines, polyhedral combinatorics, matroid theory,  geometric reasoning. S518Ross  22598 whiteley**
WONG.  M. W Professor (Chair) Functional analysis, pseudo-differential operators, partial differential equations. N523Ross 22555  mwwong**
WU.  J. H Professor Functional differential equations, nonlinear functional analysis, dynamical systems, mathematical biology, neural networks. N613Ross  33116 wujh**
ZHU, Hongmei Assistant Professor   228 Petrie 55493 hmzhu**
ZHU, Huaiping Associate Professor Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems, Hilbert’s 16th Problem, Mathematical Ecology and Epidemiology


66085 huaiping**

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