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The following is not intended to be a complete list of the many requirements of which you should be aware. For that, see the main York Calendar and/or an advisor. Moreover, the regulations that apply to you vary according to the year you entered York.

All students must fulfill the following requirements:

General Education Requirements:

  • NATS 1000-level course (6 credits). 9 credit 1000-level HUMA Foundations course, plus a 9 credit 2000-level SOSC Foundations course (or 2000-level HUMA and 1000-level SOSC). (The requirement is different for students who entered York before 1997.)

Elective Courses:

All students majoring in a programme in this Department must take at least 18 credits1 outside the Department which are not required in their programmes. (E.g., COSC 1540 is not an elective in the Applied Mathematics BA programme.)

Degree Programme Selection:

Each student must choose a departmental programme (see the following four Checklist pages and also the section "Programmes"), in which to complete one of the following degrees:

Specialized Honours
Honours Double Major2
Honours Major
Honours Major/Minor3
Ordinary Major

"Residence" Requirement4, Course Requirements:

Ordinary Degrees:
  • At least 90 credits must be completed.
  • 30 must be from York University.
  • "Major" requirement: At least half of the required Major credits must be "in-Faculty"5.
  • At least 18 must be in courses at the 3000-level or higher. 12 of these 18 must be in the Major.

Honours Degrees:
  • At least 120 credits must be completed.
  • 30 must be from York University.
  • "Major" requirement: At least half of each Major's or Minor's required credits must be "in-Faculty"5.
  • At least 36 credits must be at the 3000-level or higher. 18 of these must be at the 4000-level (of which 12 must be in the Major).

GPA Requirements:

Ordinary: A credit-weighted grade-point average of at least 4.0, over all courses taken, is required to graduate. At most 12 credits may be taken beyond the required 90, to raise the g.p.a. above 4.0 (and they must be above the 1000-level).
Honours: An overall c.w.g.p.a of at least 5.0 must be maintained.

1Not applicable to Honours Double Major or Honours Major/Minor candidates, unless both subjects are offered by this Department (Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Statistics).
2Choose two different Honours programmes (e.g., Mathematics and Economics, or Mathematics and Statistics).
3Choose one Honours Major and a distinct Honours Minor.
4Requirements that a certain number of your courses must "live" in your Faculty and/or Department.
5See discussion of this phrase under "Information for Majors".
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