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AS/SC/ MATH 1000 3.0 F

Differential Calculus (Honours Version)

      Axioms for real numbers, limits, continuity and differentiability. This course covers slightly fewer topics than AS/SC/AK/MATH 1300 3.0, but covers them in greater depth. It should be taken by all those planning an Honours degree in Mathematics or a Specialized Honours degree in Statistics.
      MATH 1000 aims to develop the students' ability to think and write clearly, logically and precisely, and to read a mathematical text with understanding. One goal is learning how to write proofs. (Of course, we will not spend all our time proving things!)
      It is declared policy of the Mathematics Department to take into account, in the grading of MATH 1000 and MATH 1010, the "newness'' to students of such "pure'' mathematics courses, in order to encourage interested students to take them. Therefore, although the honours courses are more "theoretical", students who are willing to put a serious effort into them should find it neither easier nor harder to get a high mark (A, B+) in MATH 1000/1010 than to get the same mark in MATH 1300/1310.
      The text has not yet been determined.

Prerequisite: AS/SC/MATH 1500 3.0 or AS/SC/MATH 1515 3.0 or OAC Calculus or equivalent.
Exclusions: AS/SC/MATH 1013 3.0, AS/SC/AK/MATH 1300 3.0, AS/SC/MATH 1505 6.0, AS/MATH 1530 3.0, AS/AK/MATH 1550 6.0, AS/ECON 1530 3.0, AK/MATH 1410 6.0.

Coordinator: T.B.A.

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