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AS/SC/ MATH 1131 3.0 F

Introduction to Statistics I

      Displaying and describing distributions, basic concepts of time series and growth, relationships between variables, Simpson's paradox and the need for design. Experimental design and sampling design, randomization. Probability models and random variables, mean and variance. Basic laws of probability.
      Testing a new drug, pricing a derivative asset, evaluating the effects of free trade, making sound investment decisions, and predicting who will win the World Series are all activities that have in common the need to make sense out of ambiguous data. The modern discipline of statistics serves as a guide to scientists, policy makers and business managers who must draw inferences or make decisions on the basis of uncertain information.
      MATH 1131 provides an introduction to the concepts of statistics with an emphasis on developing an appreciation for variability and a critical attitude towards the use and misuse of statistics in science and business. Statistical techniques will include confidence intervals for means and tests of significance.
      It is recommended that students have at least one OAC in mathematics, but the mathematical level of the course will be quite elementary. Although students will be making use of the computer to calculate statistics, to create statistical plots, and to obtain a better appreciation of statistical concepts, no previous experience in computing is required. Students will receive all the necessary instruction about how to use the statistical computer package Minitab.
      Although this course is recommended for students who wish to major in statistics, the concepts are broadly applicable and it should be interesting to students who do not plan to specialize in statistics.
      The final grade may be based on assignments and/or quizzes, class tests and a final examination.
      The text is David Moore and George McCabe, Introduction to the Practice of Statistics (3rd Ed.).

Prerequisite: At least one OAC in mathematics is recommended.
Exclusions:AS/SC/AK/MATH 2560 3.0, SC/BIOL 3080 3.0, SC/BIOL 3090 3.0, AS/ECON 2500 3.0, AS/SC/GEOG 2420 3.0, AS/SC/KINE 2050 3.0, AS/SC/PHED 2050 3.0, AS/SC/PSYC 2020 6.0, AS/SC/PSYC 2021 3.0, AS/SOCI 3030 6.0, AK/MATH 1720 6.0, AK/MATH 2430 6.0, AK/BIOL 3080 6.0, AK/BIOL 3080 3.0, AK/BIOL 3090 3.0, AK/PSYC 2510 3.0. Not open to any student who has successfully completed AS/SC/MATH 2030 6.0.

Fall: E. Brettler Section A: Course Page

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