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AS/SC/ MATH 1190 3.0 FW
Previously MATH 1120 3.0, MATH 1090 3.0

Introduction to Sets and Logic

      Sets, functions, relations, induction, proof techniques, logic and logic circuits, basic combinatorics and some basic graph theory.
      The course is intended for math majors and other students wanting an introduction to discrete mathematics. The topics covered are widely used throughout mathematics; many will crop up again in other mathematics courses. The purpose of this course is to give these topics a thorough treatment early in a student's mathematical studies, with the intention of enhancing his or her understanding of future courses, irrespective of whether those courses have MATH 1190 as a prerequisite.
      The emphasis will be on understanding the basic ideas, and developing an appreciation for mathematical reasoning, proofs and problem solving.
      In recent years this course has been numbered as MATH 1090. In 1998/99, several sections of MATH 1090 were designated as being for Computer Science students, and covered a very different selection of topics. Starting in 1999/2000, all sections of MATH 1090 (q.v.) are for computer science majors or those intending to be computer science majors, while the traditional topics listed above now find their home in (all sections of) MATH 1190.
      The textbook is still to be determined.

Prerequisite:One OAC in mathematics or equivalent, or AK/MATH 1710 6.0.
Exclusions:AS/SC/AK/MATH 1090 3.0, AS/SC/MATH 1120 3.0. This course is not open to any student who has taken or is taking any 3000- or higher-level MATH course. Note: Students who plan to major or minor in Computer Science must take AS/SC/AK/MATH 1090 3.0 instead of this course.

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