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1999 - 2000 MINICALENDAR
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AS/SC/MATH 1515 3.0 FW
Previously AS/SC/MATH 1500 3.0

Introduction to Calculus

      Elements of differential calculus, anti-derivatives and integrals, with applications. Designed for students who have not taken (or have performed inadequately in) OAC Calculus.
      This course is intended to prepare the above students for courses which have "OAC Calculus or equivalent" as a prerequisite.
      Topics to be discussed include: limits, derivatives, tangents, rate of change, maxima and minima, curve sketching, trigonometric functions, logarithmic and exponential functions, fundamental theorem of calculus, and areas.
      The text will be Stewart, Davison, and Ferroni, Calculus -- A First Course, McGraw-Hill Ryerson Ltd.
      The final grade may be based on assignments, quizzes, class tests, and a final examination.

Prerequisite:AS/SC/MATH 1510 6.0 or one OAC course in mathematics.
Exclusions:AS/SC/MATH 1500 3.0. May not be taken by any student who has taken or is currently taking another university course in calculus.

Coordinator: Fall: K. Bugajska Winter: J. Wick Pelletier

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