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AS/SC/ MATH 1590 3.0 W

The Nature of Mathematics II

      A continuation of some of the themes explored in AS/SC/MATH 1580 3.0. Further topics include elements of probability and statistics, the nature of computers, elementary set theory and logic.
      This course will continue in the spirit of MATH 1580 3.0. The course will provide additional opportunities for students to develop a positive attitude towards mathematics and to achieve success in thinking mathematically. There will be an emphasis on problem solving both in class and in home-work assignments. Students will be encouraged to reflect on their activities by keeping a journal.
      The final grade will be based on a combination of assignments, projects and participation. The specific breakdown will be discussed and decided upon in the first class.

Prerequisite:AS/SC/MATH 1580 3.0 or permission of the course coordinator.
Exclusions:Not open to any student who has taken or is taking another university mathematics course (except AS/SC/MATH 1580 3.0), unless permission of the course coordinator is obtained.

Coordinator: Martin Muldoon (muldoon@yorku.ca)

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