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AS/SC/ MATH 2090 3.0 W

Introduction to Mathematical Logic

Important Notes:
  • The title of this course no longer fits its content, and is likely to be changed after we go to press.
  • The official York Calendar description, and list of prerequisites, are also superannuated, and fail to appear here because they are being updated.
  • This course has Introduction to Logic for Computer Science (MATH 1090, first offered in Fall of 1998) as a strict prerequisite. (Currently this strictness is unofficial, but it is expected to receive Faculty approval in the near future.) Students who lack this prerequisite must check with the department before enrolling.

      A partial indication of the relevance of formal logic to programming is given in the course entry for COSC 3111 in this year's supplemental calendar issued by the Department of Computer Science:
      "Every program implicitly asserts a theorem to the effect that ... the program will do what its ... documentation says it will." Proving that theorem ``is not merely a matter of luck or patient debugging ... making a correct program can be greatly aided by a logical analysis of what it is supposed to do, and for small pieces of code a proof that the code works can be produced hand-in-hand with the construction of the code itself."
      MATH 2090 is a continuation of MATH 1090 (Introduction to Logic for Computer Science), and will use the mathematical logic learned in that course to study selected topics in discrete mathematics. Students wanting further exposure to discrete math may consider MATH 2320 3.0.
      Topics will include sets, relations and functions, induction, and a study of the integers.

Coordinator: Richard Ganong

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