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1999 - 2000 MINICALENDAR
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AS/SC/ MATH 2320 3.0 F

Discrete Mathematical Structures

      This course covers the algebraic and combinatorial structures that are needed in computer science. Topics include set theory, functions, relations, combinatorics, elements of graph theory, posets, lattices, Boolean algebras, monoids, groups, morphisms, congruence relations. Intended primarily, but not exclusively, for students in Computer Science.
      Consultation with the Department of Computer Science has led to the following list of topics for emphasis: "Big oh" notation, complexity of formulae and algorithms, modular arithmetic, recursive definitions, general inductions, counting principles, recurrence relations and methods for solving them, trees and simple graph theory. The emphasis will include examples arising from algorithms and the ability to carry out analysis, problem solving, proofs and calculations which will be required in upper level courses.
      The course does not require previous knowledge of computer science. A student of mathematics should enjoy this introduction to a variety of mathematical topics, many of which are not covered elsewhere.
      This course is a prerequisite for COSC 3101 3.0, COSC 3402 3.0, COSC 4101 3.0, COSC 4111 3.0.
      The text and grading scheme have not been determined.

Prerequisite:AS/SC/AK/MATH 1090 3.0 or any 2000-level MATH course without second digit 5, or permission of the Course Coordinator.

Fall: E. Brettler Section A&B: Course Page

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