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AS/SC/AK/ MATH 2500 3.0

An Introduction to the Basic Practice of Statistics

      This course provides an introduction to the concepts of statistics with an emphasis on developing a critical attitude towards the use and misuse of statistics in business, health sciences and other areas.
Note: Computer/Internet use may be required to facilitate course work.
      This course will not be offered this year by the department, though it is being offered by Atkinson College. A recommended course in the Operations Research stream of the BuSo programme, it is intended for students who will require no further exposure to statistics.

Exclusions:AS/SC/KINE 2050 3.0, AS/SC/PSYC 2020 6.0, AS/SC/PSYC 2021 3.0, AS/SC/PSYC 2022 3.0. May not be taken by students who have taken or are taking any university course in statistics.

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