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1999 - 2000 MINICALENDAR
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AS/MATH 2581 3.0

Business Mathematics II

      Spreadsheets and their application to business mathematics; deepening of topics in Business Mathematics I, including continuous compound interest, perpetuities, annuities where payments vary, callable bonds, bond yield rate, capital budgeting; mortality tables, life annuities, life insurance.
      This course, the sequel to MATH 1581, is not offered in 1999/2000, but may be offered the following year.

Prerequisite:AS/MATH 1581 3.0; SC/AS/COSC 1520 3.0 or permission of the course coordinator.
Exclusions:AS/SC/MATH 2280 3.0, AS/AK/MATH 2580 6.0.

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