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AS/SC/AK/ MATH 3131 3.0 F

Mathematical Statistics I

      Topics include common density functions, probability functions, principle of likelihood, the likelihood function, the method of maximum likelihood, likelihood regions, tests of hypotheses, likelihood ratio tests, goodness of fit tests, conditional tests, and confidence sets with a view towards applications.
      This course is intended for students who need a theoretical foundation in mathematical statistics. Students who have taken it normally take MATH 3132 in the second term. It continues where MATH 2030 left off, while providing a theoretical foundation for many of the statistical procedures learned in MATH 1131 and in either MATH 1132 (no longer offered) or MATH 2131 (which has replaced 1132).
      Topics will include multivariate probability distributions, functions of random variables, sampling distributions, point estimation, confidence intervals, relative efficiency, consistency, sufficiency, minimum variance unbiased estimation, method of moments, maximum likelihood, etc.
      The text has not yet been determined.

Prerequisite:AS/SC/AK/MATH 2030 3.0 or permission of the course coordinator.
Exclusion:AK/MATH 3030 3.0 (before SU95), AS/SC/MATH 3030 3.0 (before 1993/94), AK/MATH 3530 6.0.

Coordinator: Y. Wu

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