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AS/SC/ MATH 4110N 3.0 F
GS/MATH 6340 3.0

Topics in Analysis:
Ordinary Differential Equations

      This course is an advanced introduction to a number of topics in ordinary differential equations. The topics are chosen from the following: existence and uniqueness theorems, qualitative theory, oscillation and comparison theory, stability theory, bifurcation, dynamical systems, boundary value problems, asymptotic methods.
      The last two topics above will be omitted. The lectures will survey the others, and students will be expected to make an in-depth study of some, by doing assignments and projects.
      Students should have passed MATH 2221 and MATH 3210, or seek permission from the course coordinator to take this course.
      The text will be Lawrence Perko, Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems (Springer--Verlag), 1991.
      Other references include J.K. Hale and H. Kocak, Dynamics and Bifurcations (Springer-Verlag), 1991, and M.W. Hirsch and S. Smale, Differential Equations, Dynamical Systems and Linear Algebra (Academic Press), 1974.
      The grade will be based upon term tests and assignments (60%) and a final exam (40%).

Prerequisite:Permission of the course coordinator.

Coordinator: J. Wu

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