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1999 - 2000 MINICALENDAR
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AS/SC/ MATH 4130K 3.0 W

Topics in Probability and Statistics:
Survival Analysis

      This course provides students with an introduction to the statistical methods for analyzing censored data which are common in medical research, industrial life- testing and related fields. Topics include accelerated life models, proportional hazards model, time dependent covariates.
      We start with some parametric models and show how censored data can be incorporated in the analysis. Then we proceed to nonparametric methods and discuss Kaplan-Meier and Actuarial estimators. Semiparametric models, proportional hazards model and time dependent covariates will also be discussed. The computer will be extensively used, and familiarity with elementary use of S+ and SAS will be assumed.
      Evaluation will be based on a combination of assignments, midterm exam, final exam and a project.

Prerequisite:AS/SC/AK/MATH 3131 3.0; either AS/SC/MATH 3033 3.0 or AS/SC/AK/MATH 3330 3.0. Note: Computer Internet use is essential for course work.

Coordinator: M. Asgharian

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