New fee structure for Classroom Technology

TO: York Community
FROM: Patrick Pow, Director of I.T.C.
DATE: March 24, 1998
RE: New fee structure for Classroom Technology

The Instructional Technology Centre (ITC) will eliminate or reduce fees for classroom technology effective May 1, 1998. There will be no charge for overhead, video and slide projectors or neck microphones delivered for use in York courses. The charge for computer projectors will be reduced from $15 to $8 per delivery. This new funding model will encourage instructors to select classroom technology to meet pedagogical requirements, reduce perceived inequities among faculties and departments, and help ITC respond to changing needs and simplify procedures.

Overhead, video and slide projectors as well as neck microphones are stable technologies for which we can project demand (and thus cost) with reasonable confidence. Our objective is to meet demand for these technologies. If equipment resources should become inadequate, we will introduce an equitable mechanism to allocate the scarce resource. Computer projection is an emerging and expanding technology. Until we can develop a sense of the sustained level of demand for computer projection technology and until we can build our supply of equipment, a partial charge-back that is reviewed annually will help balance resources and demand. Our long-term objective is to provide all classroom technology without charge.

To help meet the anticipated demand for services, ITC will install permanent overhead projectors in many classrooms. Some rooms will also be equipped with built-in VHS machines. The permanently equipped classrooms will be ready for September 1998. We will distribute the list of equipped classrooms by July 1 and post the information on the ITC web site.

The reduced charges are possible because of an allocation from the funds released at the end of the mainframe out sourcing contract. The permanent and upgraded equipment installations are one of the projects funded as a strategic initiative to improve teaching, pedagogy, and learning.

Additional information on classroom technology charges, fees for non-course event delivery charges and room booking procedures will be distributed by April 15 and posted on the ITC web site. For more information, please contact John Briggs ( or Ext. 77690)