Department of Mathematics and Statistics


              of the meeting of the Executive Committee
                      April 10, 1995 in N627 Ross

Present: A. Dow (secretary), S. Guiasu, G. Monette (Chair), M. Muldoon,
G. O'Brien, D. Promislow, B. van Rensburg, T. Salisbury, P. Taylor

Agenda:     Minutes of March 16 meeting
            Y. Medvedev
            J. Verzani (new visitor)
            other business

    The minutes of March 16 were approved. Under business arising from
the minutes, the Chair reported on the situation with respect with respect
to possible interdepartmental cooperation in Applied Statistics at the grad-
uate level. These discussions arose because it was felt that such cooperation
may help people such as John Fox feel at home at York. There was to be a
meeting April 11 with Sandra Pyke of Sociology at which the Chair would
propose that a committee be established which would meet periodically
to discuss the content of Applied Statistics courses in the department's
graduate programme.  Membership on the committee would come from
Mathematics and Statistics, Sociology, Psychology, Political Science and
Environmental Studies.

    The Statistics hiring report had been sent to the Dean but no response
has yet been received (concerning the request to advertise internationally
in the coming year).

    The Chair reported that the Dean has agreed to grant us a 1 year True
Visitor position in the event that Gannon is granted a 1 year leave.  The
constraints in appointing a True Visitor is that the individual must have
a full-time position to return to (in principle).  All that would be needed
to make such an appointment is a recommendation to the Dean from the
Executive Committee.
    All the "tickets" that the department had requested for our regular
visitors have been approved.  Ran Levy has declined the Fields Institute
offer (and thus our visiting position) and the Fields Institute will be naming
a possible substitute in the future.

    Returning to Medvedev the following motion passed unanimously:

        The committee recommends that Y. Medvedev be offered the
    position of YUFA True Visitor in the event that the Dean approves
    such a position for the department.

    The visitor Salas has indicated that he would not be coming.  The
committee approved unanimously that the offer that was for Salas now be
made to J. Verzani.

    The committee discussed possible closer ties between our department
and the area of Finance in the Faculty of Administrative Studies (primar-
ily at the Graduate level).  That department is interested in having some
of their graduate students take our courses for graduate credit.  However
our graduate courses are not presently suitable, possibly some of our un-
dergraduate courses are, specifically real analysis and stochastic processes.
The committee signalled its interest in pursuing close cooperation and the
Chair agreed to follow up the contact with Eli Prisman of the Faculty of
Administrative studies.