Committee list:

Committee membership

Academic Standards Committee
Academic Standards CommitteeAbramson, M.ex officio2001
Chamberlin, S.ex officio2001
Grant, J.ex officiocontinual
Guiasu, S.2000
Hruska, C.Chair1999
Muldoon, M.E.ex officio1999

Actuarial Director
Actuarial DirectorPromislow, D.1999

Affirmative Action Representative

Affirmative Action RepresentativeWeiss, A.2001

Colloquium Committee

Colloquium CommitteeChamberlin, S.2000
Steprans, J.1999
Wong, M.-W.Chair1999

Competitions Committee

Competitions CommitteeMedvedev, Y.Putnam1999
Steprans, J.Math Modeling2001

Computer Coordinator

Computer CoordinatorDenzel, G.1999

Computer Facilities Committee

Computer Facilities CommitteeCavaliere, A.continual
Denzel, G.Chair/Coordinator1999
Guiasu, S.2000
Information Analystcontinual
Kochman, S.1999
Monette, G.2000
Ng, P.1999
Song, P.2001
System Administratorcontinual

Council Delegates -- Arts

Council Delegates ArtsBurns, R.2001
Olin, P.2000

Council Delegates -- Science

Council Delegates ScienceBrown, J.M.N.
Pelletier, J.W.1999

Curriculum Coordinator

Curriculum CoordinatorBurns, R.1999

Curriculum Committee -- Applied Mathematics

Curriculum Committee Applied MathematicsAbramson, M.ex officio2001
Dow, A.ex officio2001
Hou, S.2001
Maltman, K.2000
Moore, G.ex officiocontinual
Muldoon, M.E.ex officio1999
Salopek, D.2000
Stauffer, A.Chair
Taylor, P.1999

Curriculum Committee -- Mathematics

Curriculum Committee MathematicsAbramson, M.ex officio2001
Burns, R.Chair1999
Dow, A.ex officio2001
Grant, J.ex officiocontinual
Salopek, D.2000
Weiss, A.2001
Whiteley, W.2000

Curriculum Committee -- Mathematics for Commerce

Curriculum Committee
Mathematics for CommerceAbramson, M.ex officio2001
Ashgarian, M.
Chamberlin, S.2001
Dow. A.ex officio2001
Grant, J.ex officiocontinual
Guiasu, S.2000
Olin, P.Chair1999

Curriculum Committee -- Statistics

Curriculum Committee StatisticsAbramson, M.ex officio2001
Chamberlin, S.ex officio, Chair2001
Dow, A.ex officio2001
Grant, J.ex officiocontinual
Monette, G.2000
Peskun, P.2001
Song, P.1999

Executive Committee

Executive CommitteeAbramson, M.Dir Pure Math2001
Cavaliere, A.Asst to Chaircontinual
Chamberlin, S.Dir Stats2001
Denzel, G.Stats Rep1999
Dow, A.Chair2001
Laframboise, J.Appl'd Math Rep2000
Madras, N.Dept Rep1999
Muldoon, M.E.Dir Appl'd Math1999
Tholen, W.Dept Rep2000
Walker, M.Atk Rep2001
Weiss, A.Pure Math Rep2000
Wu, J.Dir Grad Prog2000

Faculty Awards Committee

Faculty Awards CommitteeDow, A.ex officio2001
Kochman, S.Chair (Fall)1999
Watson, S.2000

Financial Engineering Coordination Committee

Financial Engineering Coordination
CommitteePromislow, D.Chair
Salisbury, T.
Salopek, D.

Governance Committee

Governance CommitteeDow, A.2001
O'Brien, G.1999
Weiss, A.2000

Graduate Executive Committee

Graduate Executive CommitteeBouhénic, J.-C.Glendon Chair2001
Dow, A.Arts Chair2001
Maltman, K.Appl'd Math Rep2000
Pelletier, J.W.Pure Math Rep2001
Rogers, P.Teachers Rep2000
Stepr ns, J.PhD Chair2001
Walker, M.Atk Chair2001
Wu, J.Dir2000
Wu, Y.Stats Rep2000

High School Liaison Committee

High School Liaison CommitteeKleiner, I.2001
Muldoon, M.E.2000
Pietrowski, A.Chair2001
Shenitzer, A.1999
Weiss, A.2000

Library Committee

Library CommitteeMaltman, K.1999
Salisbury, T.Chair2000
Trojan, A.1999

Math Stat Lab Committee

Math Stat Lab CommitteeAbramson, M.2001
Song, P.2000

Operations Research Coordinator

Operations Research CoordinatorStauffer, A.

PhD Committee

PhD CommitteeBergeron, N.2000
Kochman, S.Fall2001
Madras, N.1999
Promislow, D.2001
Stepr ns, J.Chair1999
Tholen, W.Winter1999
Whiteley, W.1999
Wu, J.2000
Wu, Y.2001

Publications Committee -- Annual Report

Publications Committee Annual ReportAbramson, M.ex officio2001
Bugajska, K.2000
Guiasu, S.Chair/Editor2001
Information Analystcontinual
Maltman, K.
Rainey, S.continual

Publications Committee -- Minicalendar

Publications Committee MinicalendarAbramson, M.ex officio2001
Chamberlin, S.ex officio2001
Ganong, R.Chair/Editor
Grant, J.continual
Information Analystcontinual
Muldoon, M.E.ex officio1999
Rainey, S.continual

Research Committee

Research CommitteeBergeron, N.2000
Hou, S.Chair (Winter)1999
Watson, S.Chair (Fall)2001
Wu, Y.2000

Research Coordinator

Research CoordinatorHou, S.Winter
Watson, S.Fall

Science Olympics Liaison

Science Olympics LiaisonBrown, R.L.W.

Students Awards Committee

Students Awards CommitteePurzitsky, N.Chair
Bugajska, K.

Student Recruitment Committee

Student Recruitment CommitteePeskun, P.Chair2000
Pietrowski, A.1999
Tholen, W.1999
Weiss, A.2000
Student Society Liaison CoordinatorBrown, R.L.W.

Student Society Liaison Coordinator

Teaching and Learning CommitteeJoshi, H.2000
Kleiner, I.Convenor1999
Muldoon, M.E.
Rogers, P.2001

Teaching and Learning Committee

Tenure and Promotion Committee

Tenure and Promotion CommitteeSteprans, J.Chair

Undergraduate Programme Review Committee

Undergraduate Programme Review CommitteeAbramson, M.1999
Brown, R.L.W.1999
Dow, A.
Kleiner, I.Chair1999
Muldoon, M.E.1999
O'Brien, G.1999
student member1999
Tholen, W.1999
Wong, A.1999

Web Coordinator

Web CoordinatorWu, Y.2000