Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Your web account resides on the web server,  All files transferred directly to people will have world readable permissions thus eliminating the steps involved in changing file permissions.

Telnet is disabled on people.  You will only be able to FTP files.  You can use ftp through MS-Dos.  If you would like a GUI FTP program go the and download WS-FTP.

The hostname is  Your username and password will be the same as that on Pascal.

Creating and Publishing WebPages


1. Obtain a web account.

2. Create your web page(s) and ftp files to glim.  To create webpages follow the remaining the directions.
3. Open Netscape Composer. 
Netscape Composer is similar to a word processor, except it creates html files for the web.
4. Create your web page in Composer as you would in a word processor.  Save the file.
Note: To make hyperlinks select the appropriate text and press the button labeled 'Link'.  Fill in 'Link to' information.
5. FTP your file to your web directory. 
Your web directory is /home/www/Who/affiliation/username or equivalently /www-math/Who/affiliation/username, where affiliation is Grads, Faculty, Visitor, or Staff as appropriate. 
6. View your web page in a browser at URL, 
Note: Web directories from Step #5 correspond to the last part of the URL.  If you have files within directories within directories ... and so on, then its location will be
If you have any questions, please e-mail