Group Theory at York

May 17, 1997

The conference will be held in the McCaskill Center (Room 400) of the Schulich School of Business, York University. (This building, formerly called the Administrative Studies Building, lies to the immediate South-West of the Ross Complex.) See the York University map.

Registration as well as coffee breaks and lunch will take place in the Faculty Lounge (Room 401).


8:45Registration and Coffee
9:15Introduction and welcome
9:30-10:20Narain Gupta: University of Manitoba
Solution of the dimension subgroup problem
10:30-11:20Efim Zelmanov: Yale University
Variations on a theme of Burnside
11:30-12:20G. Baumslag, A. Myasnikov, V. Remeslennikov: City College of New York
On algebraic geometry over groups
2:30-2:55Yuri Medvedev: York University
Engel groups and groups satisfying a positive law
3:00-3:25A. Rhemtulla: University of Alberta
n-Engel right-ordered groups
3:30-3:55C.K. Gupta: University of Manitoba
Varieties of groups and group representations
4:00-4:25Ian Hughes: Queen's University
Polynomial invariants, especially modular, of finite groups
4:30-4:55Olga Macedonska: Institute of Mathematics, Gliwice, Poland
On varieties of t-groups

Accomodation and Local Travel:

The organizers have made arrangements with the Novotel North York to hold a block of rooms at a reduced price for participants in the conference.

In addition, there will be some rooms and guest suites available on the York campus. These are the details.

Bus #60 from Finch subway station stops on the campus at the York Common or on Steeles Avenue just north of the campus. Bus #106 from Downsview subway station stops on The Pond Road (on the York campus just south of Schulich) and at the York Common. All day parking ($5) is available in Lot 8A (entrance off Sentinel Road); short-term parking is available in Lot EE, slightly closer to the conference location.

Local Information:

The conference address is: For Toronto city information click here.
Organizing Committee:
Yuri Medvedev
Trueman MacHenry
Robert Burns

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