Lee Lorch Conference 1995

A conference on "Special Functions and Related Topics in Analysis" was held at York University, North York, Ontario, Canada on Friday and Saturday, June 9 - 10, 1995. It was dedicated to Lee Lorch in early celebration of his 80th birthday (September 20, 1995).

The conference was devoted chiefly to those topics in analysis (Fourier Analysis, Summability Theory, Special Functions, Ordinary Differential Equations, etc.) to which Lee Lorch has made particular contributions. It also honoured his lifelong dedication to the struggle for civil rights and for equal educational opportunities for women and minority groups.

The organizing committee consisted of

Mourad Ismail (U. of South Florida),
David Masson (U. of Toronto),
Martin Muldoon (York U.),
Roderick Wong (Manitoba & City University of Hong Kong) and
Asia Ivic Weiss (York U.).

Martin Muldoon
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
York University, North York, Ontario M3J 1P3, Canada
e-mail: muldoon@mathstat.yorku.ca
tel: (416) 736-5250
fax: (416) 736-5757

revised September 21, 1995