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NEW NEW Deferred Exams. Ganong and Whiteley are making separate arrangements for their Deferred Exams in late August and early September. People effected should contact their instructor.

Whiteley has now scheduled two dates for Deferred Final Exams:
Tuesday September 2, 9:30-12:30 Ross N627;
Thursday September 4, 12:30-3:30 Ross N627.
Thursday September 11, 9:30-12:30 Ross N627

Contact me (e-mail or leave a message) if you have questions or if you plan to attend any of these sittings.

2090 Final Exam
At our request, the registrar's office officially rescheduled the final exam for Wednesday June 11, 8:30-11:30 in the Moot Court at Osgoode Hall.
There are two entrances to the room Osgood 101 (lower half) for Whiteley's exam, Osgoode 102 (upper half) for Ganong's Section. The exams will not be the same, so be sure and get the correct one!

Check the schemes below (and with your instructor) for further details about your options.

Bulletin of Ganong's plans during the strike

(last updated about 1:30 p.m., 17 Apr.)

Bulletin of Whiteley's plans for the end of the strike.

Last updated May 13, 1997. Previous posting (for comparison) is here

Course Information


Recent Information

YUFA, the union of all the full time tenure or tenure track faculty (and professional librarians) has given the executive a mandate to call a strike [with 72% support]. YUFA has now called a strike for 7:00 AM Thursday March 20.
The strike has now been 'settled' and we returned to work on Wednesday May 14, 1997 after almost eight weeks of strike.

Information from the administration can be found here.
Information from the union can be found here.

Test II

Since the back to work protocols permit this, Whiteley's Test II will be held the second class after the return to work: Tuesday May 20 at 8:30 am in CLH D.

Ganong's Test II is also Tuesday May 20 at 2:30 pm in CLH D

Whiteley's Assignment 7 is now on the web. Due May 16 at 5:00.
Solutions are now posted.

Whiteley's Assignment 6 is on the web. Due to weather the deadline for handing this in is extended to Monday March 17 at 4:00.
Solutions are now posted.

Whiteley's Assignment 5 was due Wednesday March 5 at 5:00.
Solutions are now posted.

Test 1 was held on Monday, February 17 at the usual class times.

Solutions to Whiteley's Test I are now posted. (Problem 1 is missing but will be posted soon.)

Ganong's Famous First Class Test: A beautiful file of comments and solutions is now available for viewing, free of charge (as of 24 February)!!

Preparation for Test 1 (Ganong and Whiteley).

Suggested practice problems (Ganong)

Here is Whiteley's page of practice True/False questions.

Here is a page of further suggestions for solving True False questions.

Thursday tutorial is 4:00 - 5:00 in Ross S525 (the MathStat Tutorial Lab).
Friday tutorial is 1:00-2:00 in Ross S105.

Solutions for Assignments and Tests

FLASH! (14 Feb.) Solutions for Assignment 4 are now ready! Click above.

Whiteley's Assignment 4 was due Wednesday February 12.

Ganong's Assignment 4 was due the same day. If you are in Ganong's section, and you submit assignments with other people, circle one name on the assignment paper so that we know how to alphabetize it when the papers are returned, and so that you know where to look for it. The one name can be a student's surname or the group name if the group has a name.

Whiteley's Assignment 3 was due Wednesday February 5.
Ganong's Assignment 3 was due Wednesday, 5 February, either in class or in the 5th floor assignment box for Section N, by 4 p.m.

Whiteley's and Ganong's Assignment 2 were due January 27.
Assignment 1 was due January 17.

Click here for the Course Outline (now available)

Electronic Mail List
There is an electronic list for the course called: math2090. To subscribe from the address you wish messages sent to, send the message:

subscribe math2090
to the address:
To post to the list, send your message to

Fredrick Portoraro and Robert Tully, SYMLOG: Learning Symbolic Logic by Computer; Prentice-Hall 1994.
There should be used copies around the campus, as it has been used for two years. The text book comes with a PC diskette containing as essential program. Make sure your used copy has this diskette so you can install it at home on your PC!

The SYMLOG Program
The program is installed on the ACADLABS server in Steacie. If you plan to use it there (or if you wish to participate in the introductory tutorial to the program in early January) you will need to set up an ACADLAB account. Click here for further instructions.

The same page contains some information on installing SYMLOG on your home computer.

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