Post Strike Plans for Math 2090 May 13, 1997


As I write this, some things remain confused. The official start of classes is 2:00 Wednesday May 14. Unofficially, some people may come to the room at 8:30. I will try to be there for a brief period. I will also have the marked version of Assignment 6.

There is definitely a meeting in the regular classroom on Friday at 8:30. That is the first official meeting. I will have the marked Assignment 6, and answer questions on the marking choices, the Assignment 7 (due at 5:00 on Friday) and any other material for those who are planning to take tests or the final exam. Under all options I will not cover new material beyond that already covered prior to the strike. No possible test or exam will cover new material. The only option for Whiteleys' class which includes new material is the essay option (Option 5).

At both meetings I will have a sheet outlining all the mark options to date. I will post the same information below.

Assignment 7 is due Friday May 16 at 5:00 in the assignment boxes

Solutions to this assignment are now posted on the web.

Test II

Test II will take place Tuesday May 20 at 8:30 am in CLH D. I encourage people to try the test. Remember, this cannot lower the grade you would receive under Option 1 (below).


There will be two tutorials this week, at the regular times and rooms, on Thursday and Friday. A good time to wrap up the Assignment 7, and ask any questions you have.

Marking Schemes

Tentative working draft Not a formal commitment but you can tell where I am headed!!!

This is Whiteley's marking scheme as of May 13 at 8:00 PM. Ganong and Whiteley have discussed these issues at some length. However, since we have done different things during the strike, we will do different things now. Each of us considers both schemes to be reasonable under the circumstance today. These circumstances are radically different from the beginning of the strike. They are even substantially different from the circumstances when I last posted. There is even a small chance that the administration will not accommodate even these plans and there will have to be a small change again! I hope not.

On paper, without some modification of our original marking scheme, none of the Senate rules apply. They assume you have completed at least 65% of the graded work for the course. We have completed only 50%. Accordingly, only schemes

  1. Complete only the Assignment 7 (or take a 0 on it) and then have this grade prorated as 30% Assignments, 70% Test I but then the top grades are slid down one: Past experience indicates the graded work to date is not a reliable way to predict these top grades. I would hope that students in these categories would want to learn more to receive the corresponding grade.

    This will be a minimum guarantee for your grade should you choose any other option.

    This is my proposal for a modified scheme under the Senate Policy.

  2. Follow the original marking scheme. The second test will e on Tuesday May 20 at 8:30 am in CLH D. The final exam will be scheduled at least 10 days later.

  3. Follow the original marking scheme up through the Test II. This work (which could be 80% of your grade) could be prorated under the Senate Scheme to be 100% of your grade. You can exercise this option simply by contacting me and requesting it. If your mark is better under Option 1, you will receive that grade.

  4. Follow a modified version of the original marking scheme, and write just the final exam (not Test II) at the date to be announced later. This exam would be worth 70%, if this is better than Option 1.

    If you apply (or have applied) for a deferred exam at the end of August (really early September) this is the option that will apply. There will be a three hour exam. There will not be a Test II provided then.

  5. As posted earlier, replace Test II by an essay (worth 30%), then take the assignments, the first test and the essay (total of 80%) and prorate this to get a final grade (as in Option 3). For more information on the range of essays etc., click here. The essay is due by June 6 unless you have made an arrangement for deferred standing or moved to Option 1. I appreciate the effort that this involves and will mark the essays generously, for the knowledge you have displayed.

  6. Drop the course! The Senate will permit you to drop the course without penalty, up to May 23. If your prorated grade is less than 50%, you should seriously consider this option. If you want advice, talk to me.

This course is a prerequisite for several computer science courses. In addition to a moderately fair evaluation within these circumstances, my primary goal is to encourage people to learn and be as well prepared for future work as possible. That is my motivation for making Option 1 a minimum guarantee and then encouraging people to do additional work to raise their grades through tests or an essay.

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