Due Wednesday February 12 in the Assignment Box on the 5th floor of North Ross by 4 p.m., or in class Wednesday by 2:30 p.m., i.e., the beginning of class.

  1. 5.5.3 f. on p. 215 -- give a printout from SYMLOG.
    I don't remember if I said in class on 5 February whether you should give an "informal argument" to accompany the SD+ - derivation.
    Don't. Just do the SD+ - derivation.

  2. 5.5.3 h. Give a SYMLOG printout.

  3. 5.5.4 h. Give a SYMLOG printout.

  4. 5.5.5 b. Give a SYMLOG printout deriving both \alpha and ¬\alpha from the test set (\alpha being a wff of your choice).
    Highlight the two lines where your two contradictory wffs appear.

  5. 5.5.6 h. Give a SYMLOG printout.
    Also give an informal English argument for (i.e., clearly and carefully explain in a few sentences) the validity of this argument.

  6. 5.5.7 j. Give a SYMLOG printout.

  7. 5.6.6 b., e., f.
    You must give reasons for your answers. I.e., as always, give a careful explanation if you say a certain general statement is true, and a single very specific counterexample if you say it is false. (Note that it may take some thought to rephrase the given statement in such a way that it is clearly either a general statement or a negation of a general statement.) You may use (and are encouraged to use) the soundness and completeness theorems.

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