Installing SYMLOG

You should receive a copy of SYMLOG on a diskette with your book. This is a DOS program which can be installed and run on any PC at the level of a 286 or better!
Some students have experienced difficulties installing it. Here is a brief outline of a process that was successful:
With the computer showing the dos prompt: Helpdesk (in Steacie) now has a copy ot the text and the program and may be able to assist you if you still have questions about installation etc.

Instructions for using SYMLOG in Steacie Labs

Printing in ACADLAB

It turns out you get a better printout using draft quality on the printers in Steacie! It has something to do with the fonts which are installed etc.

Getting a ACADLAB account.

The program Symlog is installed on the Steacie Lab Server in the Steacie Computer Labs (Steacie T107 and Steacie 128) for your use during drop-in hours. Most of you will also install your copy of the program at home and work there. If you plan to use the lab at all, even to print results, you will need a ACADLAB Account. This can be obtained, with a two hour delay, by going to a drop-in labs in Steacie or by Telnet.
In Steacie, you can pick up a sheet at the helpdesk telling you how to use the MAYA system to create an ACADLAB account. You must first (possibly at the same session) have a general yorku e-mail. Your ACADLAB will have the same login (and a password you create in this session). By telnet, you telnet to and follow the instructions. Be sure and allow two hours fro them to create the account before you need to use it.
By the last month of the course, we will have an updated version of the program SYMLOG/PA, with an added environment for Peano Arithmetic (the formal theory of Natural Numbers). This is installed in Steacie, and will be available for you to copy and take home.

Start-Up of SYMLOG on the Steacie Lab Server

On a PC (or a Mac running as a PC), after your login you will see a menu with the choice
'Further choices DOS' (item D).
Select this (type D). The next menu will contain an item
Select this and the program will start up.

The first chapter of the text and some appendices give detailed instructions on using Symlog. Copies of the book are on two hour reserve in Steacie Library, if you need assistance and do not have your book. Remember, the tutors will be in Steacie for the first few weeks to help you with questions about the program or the content of the course. Finally, ask your instructor for assistance but do not give up. Regular use of the program is essential.

SYMLOG Tutorials

During the first two weeks of class we will hold some introductory sessions on SYMLOG in the Steacie Lab T107 on:
Thursday January 9, 4:00-5:00,
Friday January 10, 1:00-2:00.
Please get an ACADLAB account prior to the demonstrations if you wish to use the Steacie machines.
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