Math 2580.06 for 1997-98 course file access instructions

For Macintosh users

  1. Quit any programs left running by the previous user (or reboot)
  2. Go to the APPLE menu (upper left corner of window) and select CHOOSER
  3. In the CHOOSER's upper left dialog box, select AppleShare
  4. In the CHOOSER's lower left box, select Steacie Labs
  5. In the CHOOSER's upper right box, select ACADLABS
  6. Click on OK; the login window to ACADLABS will then appear
  7. Highlight the Name box and enter the username for your acadlabs account
  8. Press the TAB key (this will move the cursor to the Password box)
  9. Enter the password for your acadlabs account
  10. Click on OK. A dialog box will appear that contains three entries
  11. You need to select both ACADLABS.SYS and ACADLABS.USR (to get BOTH, you click on one, then SHIFT-click on the other)
  12. Click on OK

    You may now close the CHOOSER window by clicking on its close box (in the upper left corner). On the desktop, you will now find icons for both ACADLABS.SYS (which contains the program files, Word 5.0 and Excel5.0) and ACADLABS.USR (which contains the Math 2580 course files - past exams in Word 5 format and spreadsheet exercises in Excel 5 format).

  13. Double-click the ACADLABS.SYS icon
  14. Double-click the icon for the Applications Folder
  15. Double-click on either the Excel 5.0 folder icon if you wish to access spreadsheets or the Microsoft Word 5.0 folder icon if you wish to access textfiles
  16. Double-click on either the Microsoft Excel icon on the Microsoft Word icon to launch the program
  17. Go to the application's FILE menu and select OPEN...
  18. The OPEN FILE dialog box will appear; you should should successively select (by double-clicking) Desktop, ACADLABS.USR, FAC(ulty), DHPELL(etier), Math2580, and finally either EXCEL 5 files or WORD 5 files
  19. VERY IMPORTANT: When you have finished your work, you MUST log out of your ACADLABS account by FIRST quitting any active programs (by selecting QUIT from their FILE menu) and THEN dragging the ACADLABS.SYS and ACADLABS.USR icons to the trash bin.

For PC users

  1. Get to the LOGIN to ACADLABS screen (by rebooting, if the previous user has left a mess)
  2. Enter your login name, yu######, then your password
  3. At this point you should be running Windows 95
  4. Double-click My Computer
  5. Double-click USR on ACADLABS --- drive F
  6. Double-click Win95 apps
  7. Double-click on Microsoft Office
  8. Double click the Excel folder if you wish to access spreadsheets or the Winword folder if you wish to access textfiles
  9. Run the appropriate application program, Winword.exe or Excel.exe
  10. From the application's FILE menu, select OPEN..
  11. From the "Files of type..." drop-down menu, select "All files"
  12. From the "Look in..." drop-down menu, select "USR on ACADLABS -- drive F"
  13. Successively select ACADLABS.USR, FAC(ulty), DHPELL(etier), Math2580A&B, and finally either the EXCEL 5 files or the WORD 5 files folder
  14. VERY IMPORTANT: When you have finished your work, you MUST log out of your ACADLABS account by quitting all open applications, returning to the main Windows 95 screen and clicking the LOGOUT icon.

General information:

  1. The Math 2580 files on the server are all READ ONLY. If you wish to modify any one of these files, you must copy it onto your personal floppy disk and modify the copy.
  2. Both Winword97 and Word 6 will read files in Word 5 format; you may prefer to use either instead of Word 5. On the PC side, in fact, only Winword97 is available on drive F
  3. ACADLABS is not available with a dial-up connection from off campus; you must use one of the labs on campus in T128, T107, T107A, or 021 Steacie.
  4. If you do not yet have an account on ACADLABS, you will need one. The process of obtaining one is completely automated and very user-friendly. Read the one-page handout titled: "In a Nutshell: How to use MAYA" that gives detailed instructions for getting an account. Note that it may take 24 hours for the system to activate a new account so you might not be able to access your account immediately. Note that you must FIRST get an e-mail account before you can get an ACADLABS account.
  5. I prepare all my files on a Macintosh. Although both Word and Excel are cross-platform applications, there are some slight differences; in particular, because the programs use different fonts, some of the layout may not display cleanly when viewed on the screen or when printed from Windows. PC users will have to make their own adjustments.
  6. All files in the Word 5 and Excel 5 folders are Copyright 1997 by Donald H. Pelletier