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Section A (Algebra, Logic and Topology)
Mathematical Logic 6030.03
Set Theory 6040.03
Modern Algebra 6120.06
Group Theory 6200.03
Group Theory and Geometry 6202.03
General Topology I 6540.03
Algebraic Topology I 6550.03
Section B (Analysis)
Real Analysis 6260.03
Measure Theory 6280.03
Complex Analysis 6300.03
Ordinary Differential Equations 6340.03
Partial Differential Equations 6350.03
Functional Analysis I 6461.03
Functional. Analysis II 6462.03
Differential Geometry 6530.03
Numerical Analysis I 6651.03
Numerical Analysis II 6652.03
Section C (Probability and Statistics)
Probability Theory I 6600.03
Stochastic Processes I 6602.03
Mathematical Statistics 6620.06
Linear Models and Regression 6621.03
Statistical Techniques 6622.03
Operations Research I 6900.03

1 The second and third digits are chosen according to the classification scheme of the American Mathematical Society, both here and in TABLE 2.

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Important Dates | General Info. | Graduate Degree Programmmes | Faculty Members by Field of Interest
Programme Regulations | Regular M.A. Programmes | M.A. Programmes for Teachers
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