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Most full-time students are offered some financial support. Master's students usually receive a teaching assistantship valued at approximately $9,600 or a graduate assistantship of value $6,000 - $8,000, covering the period from September to April. Ph.D. students receive a teaching assistantship plus an additional $3,000 from a research/graduate assistantship during this period. Ph.D. students will normally also receive teaching and research assistantships for the summer term, in an amount of approximately $4,000.

Ph.D. students will normally continue to receive support for four years providing their studies are proceeding in a satisfactory manner. The level of support may be reduced after this period.

In addition to York support, students are urged to seek financial support from external sources.

Visa Students:

Visa students with limited funds can usually obtain a special scholarship, which will compensate them for most of the higher international fees that they pay.

External Scholarships:

Students with high averages are encouraged to apply for external scholarships. These include NSERC scholarships and OGS scholarships. The latter are open to visa students.

York Scholarships:

A limited number of entrance scholarships of $3,000 are awarded to outstanding students. These are valid for the first year of study only at either the Master's or Doctoral level and are not renewable.


The faculty of graduate studies will sometimes provide extra amounts for students who are having financial difficulties in meeting their fees and living expenses.

Please send inquires about graduate program to gradir@mathstat.yorku.ca

Important Dates | General Info. | Graduate Degree Programmmes | Faculty Members by Field of Interest
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