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York University offers the following graduate programmes in mathematics and statistics which lead to Master of Arts or Doctor of Philosophy degrees.

1. The Regular Master's Programme with specialization in applied mathematics, pure mathematics, or statistics.

2. The Master's Programme for Teachers.

3. The Doctoral Programme.

Students who obtain a master's degree can also apply for a graduate diploma in financial engineering.

This mini calendar describes these programmes, giving entrance and degree requirements for each. It also describes the research interests of the faculty members associated with the Graduate Programme in Mathematics and Statistics, provides information about financial support available to graduate students and gives a description of the courses to be offered in the Fall/Winter 1999-2000.

If you have further questions about the Graduate Programme in Mathematics and Statistics, please direct them to: Graduate Programme in Mathematics and Statistics, N519 Ross, York University, 4700  Keele Street, North York (Toronto), Ontario, Canada, M3J 1P3, telephone 736-5250 ext. 33974.

The Faculty of Graduate Studies Calendar can be accessed on the web at: http://www.yorku.ca/faculty/grads/program/calendar/calendar.htm

Please send inquires about graduate program to gradir@mathstat.yorku.ca

Important Dates | General Info. | Graduate Degree Programmmes | Faculty Members by Field of Interest
Programme Regulations | Regular M.A. Programmes | M.A. Programmes for Teachers
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