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R.G. Burns, Ph.D. (A.N.U.). Combinatorial group theory, general group theory.

D. Solitar, Ph.D. (N.Y.U.), F.R.S.C. Group theory, mathematics education, computer algebra.

A.P. Trojan, Ph.D. (M.I.T.). Representation theory of finite groups, coding theory.

See also S.D. Promislow (under Analysis); J.M.N. Brown (under  Geometry); D.H. Pelletier, J. Steprans and W. Tholen (under Foundations); and N. Bergeron (under Combinatorics).


M.E. Muldoon, Ph.D. (Alberta). Special functions, ordinary differential equations, approximations and expansions, functional equations.

S.D. Promislow, Ph.D. (U.B.C.) F.S.A. Functional analysis, group theory, actuarial mathematics.

M.W. Wong, Ph.D. (Toronto). Functional analysis, pseudo-differential operators, partial differential equations.

J. Wu,Ph.D. (Hunan). Functional differential equations, nonlinear functional analysis, dynamical systems, mathematical biology and neural networks.

See also J. Wick Pelletier (under Foundations); D. Spring (under Algebraic Topology); and K.M.A. Bugajska and L.S. Hou (under Applied Mathematics).


J.M.N. Brown, Ph.D. (Harvard). Finite geometries, designs, error correcting codes, automorphism groups.

M.D. Walker, Ph.D. (Toronto).  Geometric modelling, solid modelling, spline surfaces, computer graphics, homotopy theory, history of mathematics.

A. Ivic Weiss, Ph.D. (Toronto). Combinatorial and discrete geometry, incidence polytopes.

W.J. Whiteley, Ph.D. (M.I.T.). Discrete geometry and its applications, rigidity (static and kinematics) of frameworks, multivariate splines, polyhedral combinatorics, matroid theory, logic and invariant theory, geometric reasoning.

See also N. Bergeron (under Combinatorics); and K.M.A. Bugajska (under Applied Mathematics).


S.O. Kochman, Ph.D. (Chicago). Homology operations, cobordism theories, computer assisted computation of stable stems.

D. Spring, Ph.D. (California at Berkeley). Topology of manifolds, knot theory, convex integration theory, partial differential equations.

See also M.D. Walker (under Geometry).


A.S. Dow, Ph.D. (Manitoba). Axiomatic set theory, forcing and independence, set-theoretic topology.

D.H. Pelletier, Ph.D. (Illinois). Set theory, large cardinals, infinitary combinatorics, forcing, Boolean-valued models, non-standard analysis, linear algebra, logic.

J. Wick Pelletier, Ph.D. (McGill). Category theory, functional analysis, applications of category theory to analysis.

J. Steprans, Ph.D. (Toronto). Set theory, infinitary combinatorics, forcing, applications to algebra.

W. Tholen, Ph.D. (Münster). Category theory and its applications to algebra, topology and theoretical computer science.

G. Tourlakis, Ph.D. (Toronto). Ordinary and higher recursion theory (computability), subrecursive hierarchies, computational complexity.

S. Watson, Ph.D. (Toronto). Set-theoretic topology, general topology, set-theoretic combinatorics, counterexamples.

See also P. Rogers (under History of Mathematics and Mathematics Education).


N. Bergeron, Ph.D. (California at San Diego). Algebraic combinatorics.

See  also  J.M.N.  Brown,  A.  Ivic Weiss and W. Whiteley (under Geometry).


S. Guiasu, Ph.D. (Bucharest). Information theory, statistical mechanics, multivariate analysis, stochastic models in operations research.

N. Madras, Ph.D. (Cornell). Random walks, mathe-matical models in physics and biology, combinatorics, Monte Carlo methods.

G.L. O'Brien, Ph.D. (Dartmouth), F.I.M.S. Stationary sequences, extreme value theory, stochastic inequalities, weak and strong limit theorems, large deviation theory.

T.S. Salisbury, Ph.D. (U.B.C.). Brownian motion, Markov processes.

D. Salopek, Ph.D. (Carleton), finance, real and stochastic analysis.

D.L. Tanny, Ph.D. (Cornell). Branching processes in a random environment, multitype processes, stationary sequences, mathematical statistics, ergodic theory.


M. Asgharian, Ph.D. (McGill). Changepoint problems, survival analysis, nonparametric Bayesian inference.

S.R. Chamberlin, Ph.D. (Waterloo). Statistical inference.

C. Czado, Ph.D. (Cornell). Generalized linear models. Monte Carlo Markov Chain Methods, Correlated binary data, Nonparametric equivalence.

G.E. Denzel, Ph.D. (Washington). Graphical analysis.

D.A.S. Fraser, Ph.D. (Princeton), D. Math. (Waterloo), F.R.S.C., F.I.M.S., F.R.S.S., F.I.S.I., F.A.A.S., F.A.S.A. Foundations of statistics, asymptotics, differential methods, statistical computer graphics, implementations of theoretical methods.

H. Massam, Ph.D. (McGill). Differential techniques in inference, optimization in statistics.

G. Monette, Ph.D. (Toronto). Statistical inference, interactive statistical graphics.

P. Ng, Ph.D. (Toronto), Application of statistics in problem solving, development of health measurement scales, experimental design.

P.H. Peskun, Ph.D. (Toronto). Survey sampling techniques, Monte Carlo sampling methods, random number generation, goodness-of-fit techniques.

P. Song, Ph.D. (UBC). Generalized linear models, time series.

A.C.M. Wong, Ph.D. (Toronto). Statistical inference.

Y. Wu, Ph.D. (Pittsburgh). Multivariate analysis, robust statistics, statistical signal processing.

See also S. Guiasu and D.L. Tanny (under Probability and Stochastic Processes).


K.M.A. Bugajska, Ph.D. (Silesian University). Mathematical physics, string theory, relativity.

J.H. Elder, Ph.D. (McGill). Computational modelling, vision, attention, synthetic images, coding.

L.S. Hou, Ph.D. (Carnegie Mellon). Numerical solutions of partial differential equations, computational fluid mechanics, control of fluids.

C. Hruska, Ph.D. (Charles U., Prague). Linear and nonlinear theory of continua, tensors of propagation of waves in crystals, experimental work in piezoelectricity, measurement methods and equipment design.

K.R. Maltman, Ph.D. (Toronto). Theoretical physics.

R.P. McEachran, Ph.D. (Western Ontario). Atomic and molecular collisions and structures.

J. M. McNamee, Ph.D. (London). Numerical analysis, especially roots of polynomials.

A.D. Stauffer, Ph.D. (London). Numerical methods in mathematical physics, solution of integro-differential equations and their asymptotic development.

E.J.J. van Rensburg, Ph.D. (Cambridge). Mathematical modelling in physics and biology.

See also N. Madras (under Probability), W. Whiteley (under Geometry), and J. Wu (under Analysis).


I. Kleiner, Ph.D. (McGill). Nineteenth and early twentieth century mathematics, relations between the history and the pedagogy/teaching of mathematics.

P. Rajagopal, Ph.D. (Cambridge). History of mathematics.

P. Rogers, Ph.D. (London). Mathematical education, model theory.

A. Shenitzer, Ph.D. (N.Y.U.). History and philosophy of mathematics and their uses in the teaching of mathematics.

See also D. Solitar (under Algebra), W. Whiteley, and M. Walker (under Geometry)

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