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(i) Admission Requirements

See the section on General Admission Requirements. Most successful applicants have a standing of B+ or higher, a fact which reflects the number of good applicants to the programme. In addition to having sufficiently high standing, students are expected to have completed certain core courses in mathematics or statistics as undergraduates. Some students who lack the appropriate background, may still be admitted on condition that they take extra graduate or undergraduate courses.

(ii) Degree Requirements

Students must complete: the core course requirement; the thesis, survey paper or additional coursework requirement; and the seminar requirement. These are described below.

Core Courses Requirements

Each student is required to take one of the following sets of courses, to be chosen with the approval of the Programme Director. (The last digit in the course number indicates the number of credits).

(a) Algebra (6120.06), Functional Analysis I (6461.03) and Measure Theory (6280.03).

(b) Algebra (6120.06), Functional Analysis I (6461.03) and General Topology I (6540.03).

(c) Mathematical Statistics (6620.06), Linear Models (6621.03), Statistical Techniques (6622.03), and Practicum in Statistical Consulting (6638.03).

(d) Mathematical Statistics (6620.06), Functional Analysis I (6461.03) and Measure Theory (6280.03).

(e) Four courses chosen from Ordinary Differential Equations (6340.03), Partial Differential Equations (6350.03), Functional Analysis I (6461.03), Operations Research I (6900.03) and Numerical Analysis (6651.03).

Thesis, Survey Paper or Additional Coursework Requirement

Each student must meet one of the following requirements:

(a) Write a M.A. thesis under the supervision of an approved faculty member, give an oral presentation to the programme, and defend it before an examining committee.

(b) Write a survey paper under a faculty advisor and give an oral presentation, and take six credits of additional coursework.

(c) Take twelve credits of additional coursework.

The courses selected to meet the above requirements must be graduate-level courses. Students may with permission use courses in other graduate programmes such as Computer Science, Physics and Astronomy or Economics to meet the requirements.

Seminar Requirement

In addition to the above, students who choose option (a), (b), (d), (e) as their core course requirement must fulfill the seminar requirement (6004.00). (Students who choose option (c) are exempt as they do (6638.03) in place of this). To fulfill the seminar requirement students must present two one-hour seminars. For each seminar, the topic is chosen in conjuction with a faculty member, who will then grade the talk on a pass-fail basis. Topics can be chosen from any branch of mathematics, but should not be taken directly from the student's coursework, survey paper or thesis, although they can be related to such material. In addition to giving the talks, students must attend the talks of other students in the Seminar. Documented evidence of attendance at six such talks is required. Attendance sheets are available in N519 Ross.

(iii) Residence Requirements

There are no formal residence requirements but full- time students are expected to pay fees for three terms (one calendar year). This is the normal completion time for the M.A. degree. According to Faculty regulations, beyond the second year of study, students are automatically converted to part-time, and they are not eligible for financial support.

Full-time students may not be absent from the campus without the permission of the Director for more than four weeks of any term in which they are registered.

Please send inquires about graduate program to gradir@mathstat.yorku.ca

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