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The Graduate Diploma in Financial Engineering

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To receive the Financial Engineering Diploma, students must fulfill the following requirements:

(a) Complete the M.A. by coursework as described above.

(b) Complete all of the following courses. Some of these courses can be used to satisfy the requirement in (a), with permission of the Graduate Programme Director.

Math 6910 3.0 Stochastic Calculus in Finance

Math 6911 3.0 Numerical Methods in Finance

FNEN 6210 3.0 Portfolio Management

FNEN 6810 3.0 Derivative Securities

FNEN 6850 3.0 Management of Bond Portfolios

Valuation of Interest-Rate Dependent Claims

MGTS 6000 3.0 Models and Applications in

Operations Research

COSC 5910 3.0 Software Foundations

(c) In addition to the course requirements, diploma students must complete either an internship of at least 10 weeks in a financial institution, subject to the availability of internships; or submit a research paper.

(d) Students who did not use the Practicum in Statistical Consulting (6627 3.0) to fulfill the requirement for the Masterís degree will be allowed to give a talk on their internship or research paper to fulfill the seminar requirement.

Other Courses:

Students with little or no background in finance may find it beneficial to take the basic finance course, FINE 5200, as a background to the finance courses listed above. Students with little background in computing may need an introductory course before taking the Computer Science course listed above. It is recommended, but not required, that students take Econometrics of Financial Markets (ECON 5030 3.0).

Time Required:

Students should expect to spend five consecutive terms to complete the course work for the Masters degree and diploma. They will then do the internship or the research paper in the second summer. Both the Masterís degree and the Graduate Diploma in Financial Engineering must be completed concurrently.

Applying to the Programme:

As stated, the Diploma is in conjunction with a Master's degree. It is not possible to receive the Diploma alone. A student must first apply and be accepted to the regular Master's programme. The student will then submit a separate application for the Diploma.