Graduate Programs Students can Enter with an Undergraduate Mathematics/Statistics Degree


Much concern has been voiced by many undergraduate Math/Stats students at York university about Math-/Stats-related graduate programs accessible to them. For this reason, the Math/Stats department has decided to set up this page from its central web site, in the hopes of informing students on the many possibilities available to them.

This page is by no means an exhaustive listing/description of possible graduate programs, but it is hoped that it can serve to help students get started on their search.

Where possible, we have given information on graduate programs at York. We have, however, included some information on programs available at a few other Ontario universities.

In addition to providing students with information on graduate programs, some information on graduate fellowships, scholarships and assistantships has been provided to give students an idea of the financial support available to graduate students.

Some Graduate Programs by Field:

Includes information on Accounting, Management, Finance, Economics and Administration.
Includes information on Consecutive Education Programs.
Health- /Medical-Related
Includes information on Medicine, Dentistry, Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Pharmacy, and Optometry.
Includes information on Bachelor of Laws, Master of Laws, ond joint programs.
Pure and Applied Mathematics
Includes information on Statistics, Operations Research, Actuarial Science.

Financial Support for Graduate Students

This section includes information on Canadian and American sources of funding.

Graduate School Entrance Examination Information

GMAT, GRE, MCAT, LSAT, DAT information and preparatory courses.