Coxeter Library: Monograph and other holdings


Coxeter Collection

	Finite Mathematics
	Matrix Methods in Finite Mathematics
	A Survey of Modern Algebra
Blumenthal, Leonard M.
	A Modern View of Geometry
Buerger, Martic J
	Vector Space
Chenadec, Philippe Le
	Canonical Forms in Finitely Presented Algebras
Degrazia, Jospeph
	Math is Fun
	Geometry for Teachers
Duranti, Gian Carlo
	Terzo NUmero Binomiale Di Euclide E Terza Civilta Di Ammon-
Dodge, Clayton W.
	Number and Mathematics
Eames, Charles and Ray
	A Computer Perspective
Elias, Hans
Hall, Marshall Jr.
	Combinatorial Theory
	Topological Graph Theory
Gilband/Soloman and others
	Studies in Mathematica Analysis and Related Topics
	Discrete and Computational Geometry
		Vol 1 No 2 1986
		Vol 2 No 1 1987
Heath, R. S.    
	Elementary Trigonometry
Heineman, Richard
	Plane Trigonometry with Tables
	Linear Inequalities and Related Systems
Levi, Beppo
	Mathematicae Notae

	Geometry: Modern Mathematic via the Euclidean Plane
Magnus, Wilhelm
	Non-Euclidean Tesselations and their Groups
	Combinatorial Group Theory: Presentations of Groups in Terms
	of Generators and Relations
Neville, Eric Harold
	Jacabian Elliptic Functions
O'Hagan, J.
	Natural Numbers
Organization For European Economic Co-operation
	New thinking In School Mathematics
Ralston, Anthony
	A First Course in Numerical Analysis
Rose, Israel H.
	A Modern Introduction to College Mathematics
Riordan, John 
	An Introduction to Combinatorial Analysis
Roger, Jean
Schaaf, William L.
	Basic Concepts of Elementary Mathematics
Smail, LLoyd L.
Smith, C
	A Treatise On Algebra
	New Analytic Geometry
	Understanding college Algebra
Sneedon, Ian N.
	Elements of Partial Differnetial Equations
Sokolnikoff, I.S. and E.S.
	Higher Mathematics for Engineers and Psysicists
Stahl, Gerold
	Introduccion A La Logica Simbolica
Stephanidis, N.K.
	Procedings of the 3rd Congress of Geometry
Trimple, H.C./Lott, F.W. Jr.
	Elementary Analysis: A Modern Approach
Valeheath, Royal
Wexler, Charles
	Analytic Geometry: A Vector Approach

Pounder Collection

Adler, Claire Fisher
	Modenr Geometry: An Intergrated First Course, 2nd ed.
Agnew, Ralph Palmer
	Calculus, Analytic Geometry and Calculus, with Vectors
Airy, George Biddell
	Gravitation: An Elementary Explanation of the Principal
	Perturbations in the Solar System
Aitken, A.C.
	Dterminations and Matrices, 3rd ed.
Allen, Edward S.
	Six-place Tables, Fifth ed.
Altshiller-Court, Nathan
        Modern Pure Solid Geometry
Altwerger, Samuel I.
	Modern mathematics an Introduction 
Anton, Howard
	Elementary Linear Algebra
Appell, Paul
	Memorial Des Sciences mathematiques
Apell, Paul and Goursat, Edouard
	Theorie des Fonctions Algebriques et De Leurs Integrales
Attwood, C.
	Advanced Five-figure mathematical Tables
Baker, Alfred
	Elementary Plane Geometry: Inductive and Deductive
Baker, Alfred
	Geometry for Schools
Beatty, Samuel and Jenkins, James T.
	Introduction to the Calculus, Part 1
Besant, W.H.
	A Treatise on Hydromechanics, Part 1. Hydromechanics Fifth ed.
Bianchi, Luigi
	Lezioni di Geometria Differenziale
Bieberback, Ludwig
	Lehrbuch dew Funktionentheorie Band I
Bieberback, Ludwig
	Lehr Der Funktionentheorie Band II: MOderne Funktionentheorie
Bieberbach, Ludwig
	Theorie Der Differential Gleichungen
Blaschke, Wilhelm
	Analytische Geometry
Blaschke, Wilhelm
	Vorlesungen Uber Differential Geometrie
Bliss, Gilbert Ames
	Calculus of Variations
Bliss, Gilbert Ames and kasner, Edward
	Lectures on Mathematics
Bocher, Maxime
	Introduction to Higher algebra
Bolza, Oskar
	Vorlesungen Uber Variationsrchnung
Brand, Louis
	Vector Analysis
Britton, Jack R.; Kriegh, R. Ben and Rutland, Leon W.
	University Mathematics II
Britton, Jack R.; Kriege, R. Ben and Rutland, Leon W.
	University Mathematics
Buck, R. Creighton 
	Advanced Claculus
Caratheodory, Constantin
	Variationsrechnung und Partielle Differentialgleichungen
	Erster Ordnung
Caratheodory, constantin
	Vorlesungen Uber Reelle Funktionen
Carlut, Charles adn Bree, Germaine
        France de nos Jours
Carton, Elie
	Memorial Sciences Mathematiques 
Cell, John W.
	Analytic Geometry, 3rd Ed.
Cell, John W.
	Engineering Problems Illustrating Mathematics, 1st ed.
Chapelon, M. Jacques
	THESES: A la faculte des Sciences de Paris
Chaund, T.W. and Barrett, P.R. and Batey, Charles
	The Printing of Mathematics
Church, Albert E.
	Elements of Descriptive Geometry
Church, Albert E.
	Plates in Descriptive Geometry
Chruchill, Ruel V.
	Introduction to Complex Variables and Applications. 1st ed.
Clarke, Colonel A.R.
Coburn, Nathaniel
	Vector and Tensor Analysis
Cogan, Edward J. and Norman, Robert Z.
	Handbook of Calculus, Difference and Differential Equations
Comrie, L.J.
	Barlows's Table of Squares, Bubes, Square Roots, Cube roots
	and Reciprocals
Conkwright, Nelson Bush
	Differential Equations
Courant, R.
	Differential and Integral  Calculus, vol 1
Currier, Clinton Havery, and Watson, Emery Ernest, and Frame, James
	A Course in General mathematics, Revised ed.
Daus, Paul H
	College Geometry
Delury, Alfred T.
	An Arithmetic for High Schools and Collegiate Institutes
DeLury, Alfred T.
	Intermediate Algebra
Duff, G.F.D.
	Partial Differnetial Equations
Durell, Clement V.
	Advanced Algebra
Duschek, Adalbert
	Lehrbuch Der Differential Geometire
Dwight, Herbert Bristol
	Tables of Intergrals and other Mathematical Data, Revised ed.
Dwight Herbert Bristol
	Tables of Intergrals and other Mathematical Data, 3rd ed.
Eaves, Edgar D. and Wilson, Robert I.
	Introductory Mathematical Analysis
Echols, William H.
	Differential and Integral Calculus
Edwards, Joseph
        Differential Calculus for Beginners
Eisenhart, Luther Pfahler
	A Treatise On the Differential Geometry of Curves and Surfaces
Fine, Henry Burchard
	A College Algebra
Fine, Henry Burchard
Forsyth, A.R.
	A Treatise on Differential Equations. Fifth ed.
Fricke, Robert
	Lehrbuch dew Algebra
Fry, Thornton C.
	Elementary Differential Equations 3rd ed.
Fuller, Gordon
	Analytic Geometry
Gibson, George A
	An Elementary Treatise on Calculus
Gibson, George A. and Pinkerton, P.
	Elements of Analytical Geometry
Goffman, Gasper
	Real Functions
Golomb, Michael and merrill shanks
	Elements of Ordinary Differential Equations
Granville, William Anthony
	Elements of the differnetial and Intergral Calculus
Graustein, William c
	Introduction to Higher Geometry
Graves, Lawrence M
	The Theory of functions of Real Variables, 1st ed.
Green, S.L.
	Advanced level Pure Mathematics part I. Algebraic Plane
Green, S.L.
	Algrbraic Solid Geometry: An Introduction
Greene, Dascom
	An Introduction to spherical and practical Astronomy
Halphen, G.H.
	Traite des fonctions Elliptiques et de leurs applications
Hancock, E.L.
	Applied Mechanics for Engineer: A text-book for Engineering
Hardy, G.H.
	A course of pure mathematics
Hecke, Erich
	Vorlesungen Uber Die Theorie Der Algebraischen Zahlen
Heiberg, J.L.
	Mathematics and Physical Science in Classical Antiquity
Herman, R.A.
	A Treatise on Geometrical Optics
Hermite, M.CU.
	cours D'Analyse De L'Ecole
Hilbert, David
	Grundlagen Der Geometrie Wissenschaft und Hypothese VII
Holzmuller, Gustav
        Einfuhrung in die theorie der isogonalen verwandtschaften und
	der conformen abbildungen, verbundun mit anwendungen auf
	mathematische physik.
Hutton, Charles
	A course of Mathematics
Hutton, Charles
	Elements of Conic Sections
Jackson, W.A. and J.E. Dean and J.T. Crawford
	General Mathematics Book I
Johnson, Richard E. and Fred L. Kiokemeister
	A first course in Calculus
Johnson, William Woolsey
	Curve Tracing in Cartesian coordinates 1st ed.
Jones, Burton W.
	Elementary  Concepts of Mathematics
Kamke, E.
	Differentialgleichungen Reeller Funktionen
Karpinski, Louis C. and Harry Y. Benedict and John W. Calhoun
	Unified Mathematics
Keedy, Mervin L. and Charles W. Nelson
	Geometry: A modern introduction
Kelley, John L
	Introduction to Modern Algebra
Kells, Lyman M.
	Elementary differential Equations 3rd ed.
Kells, Lyman M.
	Elementary Differential Equations 2nd ed.
Kindle, Joseph H.
	Schaum's outline of Theory and Problems of Plane and solid
	analytic Geometry
Knopp, Konrad
	Theory and Application of Infinite Series
Knopp, Konrad
	Theory of Functions
Kulczycki, Stefan
	Non-Euclidean Geometry
Kowalewski, Gerhard
	Einfuhrung in die Determinantentheorie
Landau, Edmund
	Darstellund und Begrundung
Landau, Edmund
	Grundlagen Der Analysis
Lang, Serge
	A First Course in Calculus
Land, Serge
	A Second course in Calculus
Lehmann, Charles H.
	Analytic Geometry
Leighton, Walter 
	An introduction to the theory of Differential Equations 1st
Leighton, Walter
Leithold, Louis
        The Calculus Book
Leitzmann, Hermann
	Ernesto Pascal, Die Determinanten
Levy, Lawrence S.
	Geometry. Modern Mathematics via the Euclidean Plane
Levy, Paul
	Memorial Sciences mathematiques Fascicule V. Analyse
Leitzmann, Walter
	Elementare Kugelgeometrie mit NUmerischen und Konstruktiven
Lightstone, A.H.
	Concepts of Calculus
Lorentz, G.G.
	Bernstein Polynomials: Mathematical Expositions, No. 8
Lougheed, W.J. and J.G. Workman
	General Mathematics, Book II
Macaulay, W.H.
	Solid Geometry
Macduffee, Cyrus Colton
	Vectors and matrices No. &
Mancill, Julian D.
	Modern Analytical Trigonometry
Martin, Louis A.
	Text-book of Mechanics Vol IV
Maxwell, E.A.
	An Analytical Calculus bol IV
Menger, karl
	Calculus: A Modern Approach
Merchant, F.W. adn C.A. Chant
	Mechanics: An Elementary Text Book
Meserve, Bruce E.
	Fundamental Concepts of Algebra
Merserve, Bruce e.
	Fundamental Concepts of Geometry
Middlemiss, Ross, R.
	Differential and Integral Calculus 2nd ed.
Miller, Norman
	A First Course In Differnetial Equations
Miller, Norman and Robert E.K. Rourke
	Plane Trigonometry and Statics
Minchin, G.M. J.B. Dale
	Mathematical Drawing
Mitchell, Barry
	Calculus Without Analytic Geometry
Morrill, William K.
Morris, Max and Orley E. Brown
	Differnetial Equations, Revised ed.
Morse, Marston
	The Calculus of Variations in the Large
Nowlan, Fredrick S.
	Analytic Geometry, 1st ed.
Nowlan, Fredrick S.
        Analytic Geometry, 3rd ed.
Osgood, William F.
	Advanced Calculus
Osgood, William Fogg
Pedoe, Daniel
	An Introduction to Projective Geometry
Peirce, B.O.
	A Short Table of Integrals
Petrie, P.A. and V.E. Baker J.R. Levitt W.B. MacLean
	Elements of Trigonometry and Statics
Phillips, E.G.
	Functions of a complex Variable with Applications 3rd ed.
Phillips, H.B.
	Analytic Geometry and Calculus 2nd ed.
Phillips, H.B.
Picard, Emile
	Traite D'Analyse
Poussin, De La Vallee
	Course D'Analyse Infinitesimale Tome I. Deuxieme Edition
Poussin, De La Vallee
	Course D'Analyse Infinitesimale Tome I, Troisieme edition
Poussin, De La Vallee
	Course D'Analyse Infinitesimale Tome II, DEuxieme Edition
Robinson, Gilbert De B
	The founations of Geometry mathematical Expositions, No. 1
Robinson, Robin
	Analytic Geometry, 1st ed.
Robson, A.
	An Introduction to Analytical Geometry vol I
Robson, A.
	An Introduction to Analytical Geometry vol II
Schwartz, Jacob T.
	Introduction to matrices and Vectors
Sherwood, G.E.F. and Angus e. Taylor
	Calculus, Revised ed.
Smith, Percey F., Arthur Sullivan Gale and John Haven Neelley
	New Analytic Geometry Revised ed.
Smith, Percey F., Arthur Sullivan Gale and John Haven Neeley
	New Analytic Geometry Alternate ed.
Snyder, Virgil and C.H. Sisam
	Analytic Geometry of Space
Sommerville, D.M.Y.
	Analytical Conics
Sternberg, Wolfgang J. and Turner L. Smith
	The Theory of potential and Spherical Harmonics
Titchmarsh, E.C., M.A., F.R.S.
	The theory of functions 2nd ed.
Todhunter, I. and J.G. Leathem
	Spherical Trigonometry
University of Toronto
	Proceedings of the Second Canadian Mathematical Congress
	Vancouver, 1949
University of Toronto
	Proceedings of the Fourth Canadian Mathematical Congress.
	Banff, 1957
Veblen, Oswald and John Wesley Young
	Projective Geometry Vol II
Von Vega, Baron
	Logaritmic Tables of Numbers and Trigonometrical Functions
Weatherburn, C.E.
	Advanced Vector Analysis
Weatherburn, C.E.
	Elementary Vector Analysis
Young, John Wesley      
	lectures on Fundamentals Concepts of Algebra and Geometry

M. Shimrat Collection

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G. Sieburth Collection

Artin, E.
	Geometric Algebra
Bachmann, Heinz
	Transfinite Zahlen
Boole, George
	The Mathematical Analysis of Logic
Burkill, J.C.
	The Lebesgue Integral
Crank, Prof. Paul
	Arithmetit und Algebra I
Crank, Prof. Paul
	Arithmetit unt Algrebra II
Ferrar, W.L.
Gaal, Steven A.
	Point Set Topology
Hausdorff, Dr. F.
Hermes, H.
	Einfuhrung In Die Varbandstheorie
Hilbert, D.
	Anschauliche Geometrie
Hilbert, D.
	Grundzuge Der Theoretischen Logik
Hobson, E.W.
	The Theory of Functions of a Real Variable and The Theory of
        Fourier's Series,Vol. I
Knopp, Konrad
	Elements of the Theory of Functions
Knopp, Konrad
	Infinite Sequences and Series
Knopp, Konrad
	Theory of Functions (Part 1 and Part 2)
Knopp, Konrad
	Problem Book in the Theory of Functions Vol 1 and Vol II
Leighton, Walter
	An Introduction to the Thoery of Differential Equations
Middlemiss, Ross R.
	Analytic Geometry
Northcott, D.G.
	An Introduction to Homological Algebra
Olmsted, John M.H.
	Solid Analytic Geometry
Pierpont, James
	Functions of a Complex Variable
Pioncare, H.
	Calcul Des Probabilites
Rosenbloom, Paul
	The Elements of mathematical Logic
Rosenbach, Joseph B.
	Colege Algebra 3rd ed.
Salmon, Geoge
	Conic Sections 6th ed.
Sierpinski, Waclaw
	Hypothese Du Contine 2nd ed.
Struik, Dirk J.
	Differential Geometry
Todd, J.A.
	Projective and Analytical Geometry
Van Der Waerden, B.L.
	Moderne Algebra
Veblen, Oswald
	Introduction to Infinitesimal Analysis
Willis, A.P.
	Vector Analysis with an Introduction to Tensor Analysis

Wittenberg Collection

Ackermann, W.
	Grundzuge der Theoretischen Logik
The American Academy of Political and Social Science
	The Limits of Behavioralism in Political Science
	Combined Membership List, 1963-1964
Appell, Paul
	Cours de Mecanique de la Classe de Mathematiques Speciales
Appell, Paul
	Traite de Mecanique Rationnelle, Tome Cinquieme, Elements de
	Calcul Tensoriel, Applications Geometriques et mecaniques,
	Deuzieme        Edition, Revue par Rene Thiry
Armfelt, Roger
	Our Changing Schools, a Picture for Parents
Artin, Emil
	Calculus and Analytic Geometry
Baravalle, H.V.
	Geometry at the Junior High School Grades and the Waldorf
	School Plan
Baravalle, H.V.
	Teaching of Arithmetic and the Waldorf School Plan, 2nd ed.
Barker, Stephen F.
	Philosophy of Mathematics
Baron, George
	A Bibliographical guide to the English Educational System, 2nd
Bates, W.W.; Hill, Marjorie A.; Roliff, Florence
	Introduction to Mathematics Book One
Baxter, W.H.; Forsythe, W.G.; Semple, R.J.; Zimmerman, W.L.
	Mathematics II, Unit 1. Geometry
Beatley, R.
	Basic Geometry
Becker, Oskar
	Grundlagen der Mathematik
Beetz, Jean; Brunet, Michel; Decatie, Vianney; Gauthier, Abel;
Lacoste, Paul
	La Crise de l'Enseignement au Canada
Benz, W.
	Sterometrie, Leitfaden, Orell Fussli Verlag
Bernays, P.
	Grundlagen der Mathematic
Bernays, P.; Fraenkel, A.A.
	Axiomatic Set Theory
Bezuszka, Stanley, S.J.
	Sets, Operations, and patterns, A course of Basic Mathematics
Bezuszka, Stanley, S.J.
	Teacher Supplement to Set, Operations and Patterns, Chapters
	1 to 9 
Bird, Otto
	Syllogistic and its Extensions
Birkoff, Garrett
	Lattice Theory
Blaschke, Wilhelm
	Differential Geometrie
Bonola, Roberto
	Non-Euclidean Geometry
Bolyai, John
	The Science of Absolute Space
Breard, C.
	Mathematiques, Classe de Seconde
Bricard, R.
	Le Calcul Vectoriel
Brown, Sanborn C. and Clarke, Norman
	International Education in Physics
Brumfiel, C.F.;Eicholz, R.E.; Shanks, M.E.
	Albegra 1
Brumfiel, C.F.; Eicholz, R.E.; Shanks, M.E.
	Teachers' Manual and answers for Algebra 1
Brumfiel, C.F.; Eicholz, R.E.; Shanks, M.E.; O'Daffer, P.G.
	Answers to Exerciese for Arithemetic: Concepts and Skills
Brumfiel, C.F.; Eicholz, R.E.; Shanks, M.E.; O'Daffer, P.G.
	Arithemetic: Concepts and Skills
Brumfiel, C.F.; Eicholz, R.E.; Shanks, M.E.; O'Daffer, P.G.
	Teachers Manual for Arithemetic: Concepts and Skills
Brunschvicg, Leon
	Role du Pythagorisme dans L'Evolution des Idees
Brunschvicg, Leon
	Actualites Scientifiques et Industrielles
Buck, R.C., editor
	MAA Studies in Mathematics Volume 1:Studies in Modern Analysis
Bunt, L.N.H.
	Statistiek, Voor Her Voorbereident Hoger en Middelbaaar
Bunt, L.N.H.
	Van Ahmes Tot Euclides
Bunt, L.N.H
	The Teaching of Arithemetic and Mathematics to Students
	Between 6 and 15 years of Age in th Netherlands 
Bunt, L.N.H
	The Training of a Mathematics Teacher in the Netherlands
Burstein, M.
        La Coagulation du Sang
Carnap, Rudolf
	The Logical Syntax of Language
Carnap, Rudolf
	Introduction to Symbolic Lofic and its Applications
Cartan, E.
	Geometrie des Espaces de Riemann
Cartan, Elie
	La Methode du Repere Mobile La Theorie des Groupes Continus
	et les Espaces Generalises
Carver, C. and Stowasser, C.H.
	Measuring and Making, Book 1
Castelnuovo, Emma
	Didattica della matematica
Carrailles, Jean
	Methode Aziomatique et Formalisme
Carrailles, Jean
	Remarques sur la Formation de la Throrie Abstraite des
Carrailles, Jean
	Transfini et Continu
Church, Alonzo
	Intorductin to Mathematical Logic
	A Journal for the comparative study of economics, sociology
	and politics in a changing world
		vol. 1, May 1964
		vol. 2, Nov., 1964
		vol. 3, mat, 1965
		vol. 3, No. 1, Jan., 1966
Cohn-Vossen, S.
	Anschauliche Geometrie
Coleman, A.J.; Del Grande, J.J.; Mulligan, H.A.; Totton, H.E.
	Mathematics 9
Committe in the Undergraduate program in Mathematics
	A Basic Library List for two year Colleges
Council of Europe D.E.C.S.
	Documentation Centre for Education in Europe "Abstracts"
Courant, R.
	Funktion theorie
Courant, R.
	Differnetial and Integral Calculus
Courant, R.; Robbins, H.
	What is Mathematics? An Elementary approach to Ideas and
Le Courrierde la Recherche Pedagogique
	No. 4 to No. 11
Coxeter, H.S.M.
	Non-Euclidean Geometry, 4th ed.
Coxeter, H.S.M.
	Unvergangliche Geometrie
Crowell, R.H.; Williamson, R.E.
	Calculus of Vector Functions
Curry, Haskell B.
        Outlines of a Formalist philosophy of Mathematics
Davis, Harry F.
	Fourier Series and Orthogonal Functions
	Vol. 1, No.1 to Vol. 19, No.3/4
Dienes, Z.P.
	Building UP Mathematics
Dinkines, Flora
	Introduction to Mathematical Logic
Dubreil-Jacotin, M.L>
	Lecons D'Algebre Moderne
Dumont, M.
	Algebre, Fasicule 1
Eddington, A.S.
	La Nature du Monde Physique
Ehrenfest-Afanassjewa, T.
	Uebungensammlung Zu Einer Geometrischen Propadeuse
Einstein, Albert
	Theorie de la Relativite
Euler, Leonhard
Felix, Lucienne
	Mathematiques Modernes
Fladt, Kuno
	Didaktik und Methodik des Mathematischen Unterrichts
Fleck, Ludwik
	Entstehung und Entwicklung einer Wissenschaftlichen Tatsache
Fraenkel, Adolf
	Einleitung in die Mengenlehre
Freidenthal, H.
	Report on Methods of Initiation into Geometry
Freidenthal, Hans
	Report on the Relations between Arithmetic and Algebra
Frick, Heinrich
	Leitfaden der Algebra fur die Klassen des Gymnasiums mit
	Aufgabensammlund und Losungen
Frick, Dr. Heinrich
	Planimetrie mit Ubungsaufgaben
Fueter, Rudolf
	Synthetische Zahlentheorie
Gaskell, Robert E.
	Engineering Mathematics
Gattegno, Caleb
	L'Arithmetique avec les Nombres en Couleurs
Gattegno, Caleb
	Pout un Enseignement Dynamique des Mathematiques
Gibbs, J. Willard
	Vector Analysis
Godel, Kurt
	The Consistency of the Continuum Hypothesis
Gonseth, Ferdinarnd
	La Geometrie et le Probleme de L'Espace
Gonseth, F.
	Philosophie mathematique
Gonseth, R.; Marti, P.
	Planimetrie, Aufgabensammlung, Dritte Auflage
Gonseth, F.; Marti, P.
	Erster Teil
Gonseth, F.
	Qu'est-ce Que La Logique?
Goursat, Edouard
	cours D'Analyse mathematique
Green, Simpn
	Vector Analysis
Grimm, G.; Rueff, M.
	Analytische Geometrie
Grosse Sowjet-Enzyklopadie
	Reihe mathematik
Hadwiger, H.
	Der Inhaltsbergriff
Henkin, Leon; Smith, W. Norman; Vieineau, Verne J.; 
Walsh, Michael J.
	Retracing Elementary mathematics
Hague, B.
	Introduction a l'Analyse Vectorielle a l'Usage des Physiciens
	et des Ingenieurs
Hanly, Charles and N.Shulman and D.n. Swaan
	Who Pays? University Financing in Ontario
Harvard University committee on Programmed Instruction
	Fractions 1
Hermes, H.
	Aufzahlbarkeit, Entscheidbarkeit, Berechenbarkeit
Hersey, John
	Intelligence Choice and Consent
Hertli, P.
	Physik (Verbindliches Lehrmittel fur die Sekundarschulen des
	Kantons Zurich
Heyting, A.
	Les Fondements des mathematiques
Hilbert, David
	Grundlagen der Geometrie
Hilbert, David
	Grundlagen der Geometrie
Hilbert, D.; Ackermann, W.
	Grundzuege der Theoretischen Logik
Hilbert, D.; Berneays, P.
	Grundlagen der Mathematik
Hilbert, D.; Cohn-Vossen, S.
	Anschauliche Geometrie
Hirsch, G.
Holton, Gerald
	Introduction to Concepts and Theories in Physical Science
Hofmann, Prog. Dr. Joseph E.
	Geschichte der Mathematik 3 vol.
Hurwicz, Leonid,
	Mathematics in Economeics: Language and Instrument
Imhof, A.
        Der Deruf des Maschinen-und Elektroingenieurs
The Journal of General Education
	Vol XIV NO 3 to Vol XVII No. 1
Kollros, Louis
	Geometrie Projective
Kostitzin, V.A.
	Biologie Mathematique
Kowalewski, Gerhard
	Lehrbuch der Hoheren Mathematik fur Universitaten und
	Technische Hochschulen
Krakowski, Viktor
Krakowski, Viktor
	Hohere Mathematik
	Rechnen und raumlehre 1
	Mathmatisches Unterrichtswek Fur hohere Schulen
Larue, Alexandre, en collaboration avec Gaulin, Claude
	Mathematiques Generales, Ensembles, systemes, intuction,
	variable relations, fonctions
Lauchli A.; Muller, Fritz
	Physikalische, Aufgabensammlung
Laurent, H.
	Traite D'Analyse
		Tome 1, II, IV
Universite Laval, Faculte des Artes
	Cours Classique des Garcons
Universite Laval
	Reglements et Programmes du Cours Classique
Leblanc, Hugues
	Statistical and Inductive Probabilities
Lehmann, H.; Stahli, F.
	Algrbra, Aufgabensammlung
Leutenegger, E.
Leutenegger, E.
	Trigononmetrie, Aufgabensammlung
Lietzmann, W.
	Experimentelle Geometrie
Lietzmann, Walther
	Methodik des Mathematischen Unterrichts
Lightstone, A.H.
	concepts of Calculus
Lietzmann, Walther
	Schulreform und mathematischer Unterricht
Lietzmann, W.
	Riesen und Zwerge in Zahlenreich
Lietzmann, W.
	Wo Steckt der Fehler?
Le Lionnais, F.
	Les Grands Courants de la Pensee
The lonon Education Service 
	11th ed.
Love, Clyde, E.; Rainville, Earl D.
	Differential and Integral Calculus 6th ed.
Maak, Wilhelm
	An Introduction to Modern Calculus
Madelung, Erwin
	Die mathematischen Hilfsmittel des Physikers
Mannoury, Gerrit
	Les Fondements Psycho-Linguistiques des Mathematiques
Marks, John L; Purdy, C. Richard; Kinney, Lucien B.
	Teaching Arithmetic for Understanding
Marti, P.
	Planimetrie Leitfaden
Mautz, O.
	A Review of Science Learning and Policy
		Vol 1 No 1 to vol III no 4
Moise, Edwin E.; Clandra, Alexandca; Davis, Robert B.; Kline,
Morris; Bacon, Harold, M.
	Five Views of the "New Math"
Neue Sammlung
	Gottinger Blatter Fur Kultur und Erziehung
Nickerson, H.K.; Spencer, D.C.; Steenrod, N.E.
	Advanced Calculus
Noether, E. und Cavailles. J.
Perron, Oskar
	Nichteuklidische Elementargeometrie der Ebene
Peter, Rozsa
	Rekursive Funktionen
Picard, Emile
	Traite D'Analyse
Poussin, C
	Integrales de Lebesgue Fonctions d'Ensemble Classes de Baire
Preisig, E.
	Analytische Geometrie
Proksch, Ruth
	Geometrische Propadeutik
Quine, Willard Van Orman
	Methods of Logic
Rainville, Earl D.
	Differential and Integral Calculus
Ratinet, A.
Redheffer, R.M.
	Mathematics of Physics and Modern Engineering
Reidemeister, Kurt
	Raum und Zahl
	Ministere de L'Intruction Publique
	L'Initiantion aux Mathematiques
	journees Pedagogiques franco-belges
British Columbia:
        Report of the royal Commission on Education
	Year-round Operation of Universities and Colleges
	Canadian Foundation for Educational Evelopment
	Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching
	The Education of College Teachers
	Curriculum and Examinations in Secondary Schools
	The Road to the Sixth form, some Suggestions on the Curriculum
	  of the Grammer School
	The Public Schools and General Educational Systems
	The Postgraduate Training of Physicists in British       
	L'Institut Pedagogique National et les services d'etudes et
	  de documentation de l'Enseignement public
	Education et Bibliotheques
	Enquete sur le Materiel d'Enseignement des Mathematiques
	Une enquete sur les retards scolaires
	Programme des Recherches pour 1959-60
	Dossiers documentaires
	Programmes de l'Enseignement du Second degre des Ecoles          
	  normales d'Instituteurs et d'institutrices et des classes
	  de l'Enseignement technique preparant au baccaloureat
	Les Nouveaux programmes de l'enseigenement du second degre
	L'Enseignment du Second Degre en 1953
	Ministere de L'Education Nationale de la Jeunesse et des        
	The Freshman Seminar Program
	Hessische Beitrage zur Schulreform
L'Universite Laval
	Memoire a la commission Royale E;Enquete sur L'Enseignement
	Memoire de L'Association des Professeurs de Carriere de          
l'Universite Laval a la Commission Royale d'enquete Sur          
	the Teaching of Mathematics
	Mathematics in Secondary Modern Schools
	The teaching of Algebra in Schools
	The Teaching of Higher Geometry in Schools
	The Teaching of Geometry in Schools
	A Second Report of the Teaching of Geometry in Schools
	The Teaching of Trigonometry in Schools
	The Use of Visual Methods in Teaching Mathematics
	Synopses for Modern Secondary School Mathematics
	OEEC Schoold Mathematics in OEEC Countries
	Mathematics for Physicists and Engineers
	new Thinking in School Mathematics
	Manpower needs for the age of Science
	Teaching Mathematics in Secondary Schools
	From Bookshelves to Action: A Guide to using the recommendations
          of the NEA Project on Instruction
	Learning to Learn
	Courses of Study: Marketing, Retail Mechandising
	Post-Secondary Education in Ontario
	The City College
	Report of the Grade 13 Study Committee
	Report of the Minister
	Report on the Proposal for General and Advanced Levels of        
          Instruction in Grade 13
	Report du comite d'Etude sur les Loisirs l'Educatio Physique
	  et les Sports
	Rapport de la commission royale D'enquete
	Rapport du comite D'Etude sur L'Enseignement Technique et        
	Report of the Study committee on Technical and Vocational        
	Memo to a College Trustee
	Report of the Summer Seminar for Teachers of High School         
	Exploring Mathematical Concepts
	Education in the United States of America
	Higher Education in the USSR
	Inservice Education of High School Mathematics Teachers
	New dimension sin Higher Education
	Social Studies in the Elementary School Program
	A Survey of Federal Programs in Higher Education
	Digest of Educational Statistics
	A report to the President
	Report of the Anglo-American Committee of Enquiry regarding
	  the Problems of European Jewry and Palestine
Riemann, Bernhard
	Uber die hypothesen
Rivaud, Jacques
	Exercices d'Analyse
Robbins, Hernert
	What is Mathematics
Robinson, Abraham
	Complete Theories
Robinson, Abraham
	On the Matamathematics of Algebra
Rollett, A.P
	Mathmatical Models
Rosenbloom, Paul
	The Elements of mathematical Logic
Rothe, R.
	hohere Mathematik
Rueff, M.
	Analytische Geometrie
Russell, Bertrand
	Principia Mathematica
Rutledge, W.A.
        Vector Analysis
Sauer, Friedrich
	Elementar Geometrie
Sauer, Friedrich
	Elementar Geometrie
Aesmat, Augistin
Shorter, L.R.
	Problems and Worked Solutions in Vector Analysis
Sierpinski, Waclaw
	Lecons sur les Nombres Transfinis
Simard, Emile
	La nature et la Portee de la Methode Scientifique
Stahli, F.
Stahli, F
Stebbing, Susan L.
	A Modern Introduction to Logic
Stohler, H.
Strawson P.F.
	Intoduction to Logical Theory
Tamm, I.E.
	Osnovy Teorii Elektrichestva
Tarski, alfred
	Einfuhrung in die mathematische Logik in die Methodologie der
Tarski, Alfred
	Undecidable Theories
Thomas, Jean; Majault, Joseph
	Schulen Europas
Thwaites, Bryan 
	A report on some Present-day problems in the Teaching of
Toeplitz, Otto
	Die Entwicklung der Infinitesimalrechnung
Trimble, Harold C., Hamilton, E.W.; Silvey, Ina Maw
	Basic Mathematics for General Education
	The teaching of Mathematics at Secondary Level
	United Nations Internation School
University college Quarterly
	May 1963; May 1966
Vachon, Mgr Louis-Albert
	Unite de L'Universite
Vachon, Mgr. Louis-Albert
	Verite et Liverte
Vailiron, Georges
	Equations Fonctionnelles Applications
Vailiron, Georges
	Theorie des Fonctions
Valpola, Veli
        Ein system der negations losen Logik mit Ausschliesslich
Voellmy, Erwin
	Funfstellige Logarithmen und Zahlentafeln
Voellmy, E. un Mautz, O
Wagenschein, Martin
	Die Padogogische Dimension der Physik 
Wagenschein, Matin
	Natur Physikalisch Gesehen
Weyl, H.
	Temps, Espace, Matiere
Weyl, H.; Landau, Von E.; Riemann, Von B.
	Das Kontinuum und Andrere Monographien
Wills, A.P.
	Vector Analysis with an Introduction to Tensor Analysis
Wirtz, Robert W.; Botel, Morton
	Helping Children discover Arithmetic
Wirtz, Robert W.; botel, Morton; Sawyer, W.W.; Beberman, Max
Woolf, Harry
	Quantification. A History of the Meaning of Measurement in the
	Natural and Social Sciences
Zygmund, Antoni
	Trigonometrical Series, @nd ed.

Miscellaneous other titles

This collection is only partially catalogued.


Actes du congres international des mathematiciens, 
        Nice 1970, 3 volumes. Donated by M. Muldoon
Proceedings of the International Congress of Mathematicians,
	Vancouver 1974, 2 volumes. Donated by M. Muldoon


Equadiff 3 - Proceedings of the Czechoslovak conference on 
	differential equations and their applications, Brno 1972
	Donated by M. Muldoon
Equadiff 6 - Proceedings of the international conference on 
	differential equations and their applications, Brno 1985
	Donated by M. Muldoon
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