On-line journals in general

Many electronic journals are available free to everyone on the Web. There are several general lists of electronic journals, including:

On-line journals at York

Some on-line journals are only available to users entering the Web through certain domains (such as ".yorku.ca"), for example, those sites that subscribe to print copies, or that have paid access fees. The following is intended as a list of such restricted sites, that York University has acquired access to, and which are of possible interest to members of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

It is recommended that users use
Steacie Library's electronic journal page
for links to the various publications, since it is usually updated more frequently than the page you see before you.

Canadian Mathematical Society Journals

American Mathematical Society Journals

SIAM Journals

Academic Press Journals

JSTOR Journals

These consist of an electronic archive of a complete run of the journal, with the exception of recent volumes. The latest issue available is indicated in brackets.

Institute of Physics Journals

Other journals

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