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Below you will find blank timetable forms in MS Word, WordPerfect, and PDF formats.  
Note that you must fill out the Term and Year section along with your teaching time and student office hours. 

Please submit the filled-out form to Madeline by submitting it 

Timetable Form for:Special Instructions
Microsoft WordThe MS Word timetable is now setup to accept information only in the spaces indicated by either drop-down menus or by textboxes.

Simply click within the 'grayed fields' and make a selection for the drop-down menu or begin typing within the textboxes. 

WordPerfect  The WordPerfect timetable can only be downloaded over the internet when using Internet Explorer, i.e. you cannot download the WordPerfect file using Netscape Communicator.

WordPerfect version is set-up as a Keyboard Merge'.  Please following the directions below:
1. Click the 'Merge' button
2. Click 'Merge' to perform merge
3. Fill in year
4. Click 'Continue' until all personal information is filled in
5. Go to dates and times to fill in the appropriate cells.

Adobe Reader (PDF)  

Last Updated: 12/12/04