Computing Facilities 

3.1 Facilities for faculty and graduate students
3.2 Facilities for Undergraduate Teaching
3.3 Electronic mailing lists
3.4 Laser Printer fee

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 3. Computing Facilities

     3.1   Facilities for faculty and graduate students

Departmental computers for the use of faculty members and graduate students are housed in N604. The Department has dedicated servers (Pascal and Vector), and some machines specialized for research use (fisher and dataminer). Before using any of these facilities for the first time, please contact the Systems Administrator, x66236. Faculty members who experience any defects should immediately report to the Systems Administrator or to Anna Cavaliere such problems. Requests for new equipment are directed to the Departmental Computer Coordinator, Gene Denzel (N615, x66086, and discussed by the Computer Users Committee.

Staff members who experience any problems with the York Card should report immediately to Anna Cavaliere who will get in touch with Academic Technology Support Group (ATSG).

     3.2   Facilities for Undergraduate Teaching

The departmental facility for undergraduate teaching is the Gauss Lab (also known as the Senior Computer Lab) in S110 and serves upper-level undergraduate courses for Mathematics/Statistics/Applied Math/ITEC students. Students and faculty need a YorkCard for access to this lab, which has been equipped with high-end pentium machines running Windows 98 (and X‑terminal software). The machines will have local versions of SPLUS, MAPLE, and MSOffice, plus X‑access to various servers (Gauss, Pascal, phoenix).

The Gauss Lab currently has 70 PIII/600s and can be used as a teaching facility. To book the Gauss Lab, please see the binder under the counter of the main office.

In order to use the lab, your students will need both YORKARTS (Novell) logins and possibly GAUSS (Unix) logins. For this to be as painless as possible, please let Louis know the relevant course numbers ASAP, and as early as possible before the start of the semester. He will thus be able to arrange for your students to be able to create their accounts automatically through MAYA and for the their YorkCards to be automatically eligible for door access. A reminder will likely be sent out some time in August: please do not ignore it, as it is currently impossible to add whole groups to the YorkCard database once the initial grouping has been sent: further additions have to be done individually through ATSG, and this tends to cause a lot of problems for the students involved. Rest assured that, as the instructor, you will be the one hearing the question “How do I get my card enabled?” the most, too ... so it is definitely best to act early!

If you yourself wish to have a YORKARTS (Novell) account, please see Anna Cavaliere. For a Gauss (Unix) account, please see Louis Raphael-Beliveau. For more information on how to get YorkCards enabled, see

The Gauss Lab home page at is also a useful resource.

Among central computing facilities offered on campus for undergraduate teaching are a general email server, a cluster of unix servers for academic computing (including SAS, SPLUS, MAPLE, and the usual compilers), some science-related labs in Petrie and Steacie (Maxwell and Jupiter) which can be used for applied mathematics, and an assortment of general purpose microcomputer laboratories housed in the Steacie Science Building. The latter are all networked to the same server, named ACADLABS, which contains software that is used by many courses; in particular, it has SPSS, SAS, MAPLE, GEOMETER'S SKETCHPAD, MSOFFICE. The equipment in the labs is as follows (although it is regularly being upgraded):

       P   107A 36 workstations (a mix of new mac’s and pc’s)

       P   107B 36 workstations (high-end windows machines)

These two labs are teaching labs and can be booked by sending email to:

       P   128 37 workstations (6 Dell Pentium 133; 29 486DEC LPWin95)

       P   014 75 workstations (19 Dell Pentium 133; 31 486DEC LP/486DEC LPv+/486 Micro ExpressWin95; 20 Mac SE, 5 Mac 6100MacOS 7.1)

Note: that the low end of these machines is regularly replaced by a cascading process.

The labs are all open 24 hours a day and you do not need a card to access them, but you do need a Steacie Labs ACADLABS account (you can use MAYA to activate one). Instructors who wish to incorporate a computer component into their courses should arrange to obtain a personal account on the ACADLABS server from Computing and Communications Services (CNS) ( If there is need for special software (or new versions of existing software) to be available from the Steacie machines, this should be discussed with CNS Micro Support well in advance of the start of the academic year.

It is also possible to arrange for disk storage under the /courses directory for course-related material which you want students to be able to access.

     3.3   Electronic mailing lists

There are a growing number of electronic mailing lists in the department to help you reach your audience easily. For example, a message can be sent to all members of the department (at least those who read electronic mail) by sending it to: Other lists include:

   staff and academic administrators

   members of the applied mathematics section

   voting members of the department

   department executive committee

   graduate students in the department

   provides a listing of jobs available in the areas of mathematics

   members of the pure mathematics section

   people with an interest in statistics (both in and out of the department)

   is a listing of all faculty members belonging to the Statistics section

   people currently teaching in the department

   people currently teaching in the ITEC      programme

Anyone can send a message to one of these lists. You can have your name added to some lists by sending a request to Susan,, who will subscribe you to the list you have stated.

If you have changed your email address for any reason please inform Susan as well as Louis so lists can be updated with accurate information.

     3.4   Laser Printer fee

Laser printers are available in N604 for the use of faculty and graduate students. Please see Fruma, N520, for paper. Currently, we are not charging any laser printer fees but this may change in the near future.


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