Departmental Facilities and Services

2.1 Overview of physical facilities
2.2 Typing, Photocopying
2.3 Photocopying class material
2.4 Departmental Fax machine
2.5 Mail
2.6 Keys, Access Codes and Cards
2.7 Seminars and Colloquia

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 2. Departmental Facilities and Services

     2.1   Overview of physical facilities

The following is a list of “common” areas in the department with a brief description of purpose and policy for use and access. Most common rooms can be opened with the G key issued to all faculty, staff and graduate students, some rooms require the F key issued to instructors and staff. A few rooms are controlled by the York Card. (If no building is specified, offices are in the Ross Building.)

       P   N620 — Common Room (G key)

            N524 — Lounge and Graduate mailboxes (G key)

The Common Room and the Lounge can be booked for receptions (use the Reservations Book in N520) but seminars that would inhibit conversation should be held in either the Seminar Room or the Committee Room.

       P   N627 — Committee Room (G key)

            N638 — Seminar Room (G key)

            The Seminar Room holds approximately 20 people and the Committee Room holds 10. They must be booked using the Reservations Book in N520.

       P   N619 — Coxeter Library (G key)

            The Coxeter Library contains a selection of journals and other materials some of which were donated by H.S.M. Coxeter. In addition, some statistical manuals, journals and other paraphernalia are housed in the offices of the Statistical Consulting Services (N601).

       P   N604 — Computer Room (York Card)

            In emergencies, Anna, Marie or Steve Chamberlin can provide admittance. N604 is reserved for the use of faculty, visiting researchers, staff and graduate students. With the permission of the Department Computer Coordinator (Gene Denzel), limited access can also be provided for others while engaged in special projects.

       P   S110 — Gauss Lab (Senior Computer Lab) (York Card).

            The Gauss Lab is intended to provide access to UNIX workstations in senior undergraduate courses.

       P   N501 — Classroom (F key)

            N537 — Undergraduate Common Room (F key)

            Book rooms from Janice September 1 to April 30; no reservation necessary from May 1 to August 31 although N501 will primarily be booked through the Undergraduate Office for tutorials.

       P   N520 — Administrative Office (faculty and staff mailboxes) (F key)

       P   N516 — Photocopier and Fax Room (F key)

       P   S525 — MathStat Labs (Tutoring Centre) (special key provided by Marie, permission granted by Anna

     2.2   Typing, Photocopying

If you wish assistance from the Faculty Secretary, Fruma Bell, please fill out the form appropriate for the job (located in the Administrative Office, N520) and place your job-related typing (non-technical) or duplicating work in the box labelled accordingly by Fruma’s desk. Please allow time for work to be completed. For photocopying, please indicate on the form the code to be charged. The current charge is 5˘/page. Any research-related work must be charged to your (or your sponsor’s) research code and teaching-related photocopy work should be charged to your teaching code. Faculty members are not entitled to charge research or personal work to the Department.

For those who prefer fast service, you are welcome to use the photocopiers in N516 yourselves. Both of our duplicators easily produce collated and stapled material for large classes. Please ask Fruma if you need help using the machines.

If you experience problems with either copier which you are unable to fix from the panel and booklet instructions, please inform Fruma or Marie. It may be necessary for us to make a service call if the problem persists.


If machines run out of paper, please see Fruma. If you anticipate running large quantities, or expect to work overnight or on weekends, advise Fruma in advance.


For faculty members in the Ross Building, technical typing, whether for research or for classes, will be done by the technical typist in N525. Make sure that you provide enough time for your work to be done. If in doubt, find out how much lead time will be needed.

Faculty members in Petrie rely on Gillian Moore for technical typing.

     2.3   Photocopying class material

Photocopying is the largest item in our operating budget and the department cannot absorb the cost of photocopying class material except tests and exams, a course outline and few small handouts. For anything beyond this, it is necessary either to recover costs directly (please work out an arrangement with Anna Cavaliere) or to distribute materials through the Bookstore or Beta (see Anna for complete details).

     2.4   Departmental Fax machine

The fax machine (416-736-5757) is located in N516. Instructions for sending a fax and fax cover sheets are on the shelf directly above the machine. If you wish Fruma to send the fax, please fill out a cover page and put it with the material you wish to send in the typing/duplicating mailbox in N520. You are strongly encouraged to use the machine yourself.

Here are a few guidelines:

       P   Record all outgoing long-distance faxes in the log book next to the fax machine. They will be charged appropriately.

       P   Do not leave incoming faxes in the tray. Take them to Fruma so she can distribute them. If you distribute a fax yourself, check carefully to make sure that you have separated the content of the tray into separate communications. If you see that the paper tray is empty or the film is low, please inform Fruma.

       P   Incoming faxes should be controlled. Receipt of personal faxes or student assignments should be discouraged. The cost of the paper and film make extensive use of the fax machine prohibitive.

       P   One obvious caveat: If an incoming fax is highly confidential you need to arrange to be at the machine when the fax arrives.

     2.5   Mail

You can pick up your mail from the Administrative Office. There are baskets for outgoing mail which is picked up once a day around 10:00a.m. Every outgoing mail item must carry information on the sender’s department, for billing purposes. In our case, “Mathematics and Statistics—61”. Mail will arrive in your mailboxes at approximately 1:30p.m.

There is an internal mail service between the Administrative Office, N520, and our Science Satellite Office, 122 Petrie, operating MWF 11:00a.m. Place any mail items for this office in the specially marked box.

Ask Fruma for any stationery needed in your office. Please be moderate; the Departmental operating budget is tighter than ever.

     2.6   Keys, Access Codes and Cards

Keys for Departmental and Faculty offices are administered by Marie Milani, (N520B, x33966). Keys for the offices of graduate students are to be obtained from Primrose Miranda (N519, x33974).

The typical faculty member needs three keys and, possibly, a “York Card” to get around. In addition to your own office key you will need:

       P   Common Room key that will open, in addition to the Common Room, the Coxeter Library, the Committee Room, the Seminar Room and the Lounge (G key)

       P   Administrative Office key to open N520 and the photocopy/fax room (F key)

       P   “York Card” to open N604 and the senior undergraduate computer lab in S110 (must be processed through Anna to gain access)

For the latest procedure to obtain a York Card, please consult Anna Cavaliere or Marie Milani. Note that each lock is programed to open only if your card is on a list of authorized cards.

In order to find a temporary office for short-term visitors, please contact Anna Cavaliere and then ask Marie for a key. Since offices are in short supply it is wise to check well in advance.

     2.7   Seminars and Colloquia

Seminar or Colloquium talks will be announced in our Calendar of Events page on the World Wide Web (www). Items for the www Calendar of Events (including news about your professional activities, honours, guests, etc.) are to submitted, preferably by email, to Susan ( Simply send the message to; Susan will receive it and you will, at the same time, announce the event to all members in the department.

Colloquia must be pre-arranged with a member of the Colloquium Committee. Departmental hospitality of free coffee and cookies will be arranged and set-up by Fruma for colloquia, not for seminars, although generous benefactors are welcome to provide their own comestibles.

The Department has two or three portable overhead projectors which are kept locked in the Photocopy Room. They can be booked through the Administrative Office. There is a binder on the front counter with a section for booking these projectors, and the key can be obtained from Fruma. Many rooms are equipped with projectors, and projectors can be booked from the Instructional Technology Centre (see Marie Milani).


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