Grants - Money - Sabbaticals

6.1 Grant application deadlines
6.2 Preparing your grant application
6.3 Travel expense fund
6.4 Applying for sabbatical leave

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 6. Grants — Money — Sabbaticals

     6.1   Grant application deadlines  

1.   NSERC Advance Material (Letter of Intent) August 15  
2.   Faculty of Arts Fellowship time release for one year September 15  
3.   NSERC Infrastructure Grants no longer available  
4.   NSERC Research Grants November 1
5.   NSERC Conference Grants no longer available  
6.   NSERC Minor Equipment Grants November 1  
7.   York Ad Hoc Fund funds to defray publication costs, support conferences at York, etc.:    
@ Travel Only September 15  
@ Travel, conferences and publications December 15  
@ Travel Only March 15  
@ Travel Only June 15  
8.   Faculty of Arts — Research Grants support for projects not requiring major funding  
@ Between $1,500 and $3,500 October 17/April 30
@ Under $1,500 November 1  

See Anna Cavaliere for application forms.


     6.2   Preparing your grant application

It has been stressed repeatedly by the Office of Research Administration (S414R, x55055) that it is very important to have a colleague go critically over your application before you submit it anywhere. Badly written proposals spoil your efforts considerably no matter how good you are scientifically. As a next step you are advised to show your application to the Department’s Research Advisor before giving it well before the deadlines mentioned above into the administrative channel, beginning with Anna Cavaliere’s office.

     6.3   Travel expense fund

The Department has a small sum of money available to assist full-time faculty with conference travel expenses. Please see the Chair if you wish to apply. The practice is to give first consideration to faculty members who presently do not have access to other resources.

     6.4   Applying for sabbatical leave

An excerpt from the YUFA Collective Agreement, Clause 20.05:

            At least fifteen (15) months before the normal starting date of his/her sabbatical leave, a faculty member shall indicate to his/her Chairperson or Dean his/her intent to proceed to sabbatical leave. A Dean who receives from a faculty member a statement of intent to proceed to sabbatical leave shall respond to the scheduling of the sabbatical leave as specified in the statement of intent within three (3) months of receipt, either agreeing to the scheduling of the sabbatical leave or denying it and stating the reasons for the denial. Failure of the Dean to respond within three (3) months shall constitute approval of the scheduling of the sabbatical leave as proposed by the faculty member. The statement of intent may subsequently be withdrawn by the faculty member with the approval of the Dean.

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