People: Old and New

1.1 Academic Administrators
1.2 Departmental Staff
1.3 New Members and Visiting Scholars
1.4 Students working in the department

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 1. People: Old and New

     1.1   Academic Administrators

For a complete list of faculty members to whom you can turn for various kinds of help, please consult the departmental committee membership list on page . The following is an alphabetical list of academic administrators in 2000–2001.

       P   Morton Abramson, Associate Chair, Director of Pure Mathematics and the Undergraduate Program

       P   Stephen Chamberlin, Director of Statistics

       P   Michael Friendly, Coordinator of the Statistical Consulting Service

       P   Scott MacKenzie, Director of the ITEC program

       P Georges Monette is now the Coordinator of the Statistical Consulting

       P   Tom Salisbury, Chair

       P   Buks van Rensburg, Director of Applied Mathematics

       P   Asia Ivic Weiss, Director of the Graduate Program

     1.2   Departmental Staff

The following is an alphabetical listing of our staff members with a brief mention of their major portfolios:

       P   Fruma Bell, Faculty Secretary and Receptionist, holds down the fort, the phone, supplies and everything else in the Administrative Office. See Fruma for typing, faxing and photocopy needs

       P   Rohinie Bisesar, Technical Document and Information Analyst and Webmaster, provides technical word processing for members whose offices are in the Ross Building as well as maintaining our departmental web page. The position also provides general computing support as a backup to the Systems Administrator.

       P   Anna Cavaliere, Assistant to the Chair, and the head of the departmental administration. Anna handles organizational, personnel and financial matters.

       P   Antonietta Della Pia Vian, ITEC Faculty Secretary, works in the ITEC Undergraduate Office and helps with a host of matters related to undergraduate students.

       P   Janice Grant, Administrative Assistant, and head of the Mathematics and Statistics Undergraduate Office. Janice should be seen about matters related to undergraduate programs, timetables and problem sessions.

       P   Marie Milani, Secretary Clerk, works closely with Anna Cavaliere especially on grants and space. Marie also works on the long distance phones and fax charges as well as the printing charges. See Marie for arrangement of accommodation for visitors and she is the keeper of the keys in the department.

       P   Primrose Miranda, Graduate Program Assistant, handles matters related to the Graduate Program. Primrose is the keeper of the keys for graduate students only.

       P   Gillian Moore, Administrative Secretary, runs the Applied Mathematics Undergraduate Office and also provides technical typing and secretarial services to faculty members whose offices are in Petrie. One of Gillian’s responsibilities is to look after textbook orders.

       P   Susan Rainey, Secretary to the Chair and Faculty Secretary, handles matters related to hiring, CV’s, the Weekly Bulletin and the booking of appointments for the Chair. Susan also books rooms for seminars and meetings (other than N627R and N638R).

       P   Louis Raphael-Beliveau, System Administrator, will help with all aspects of the increasingly large and complex task of setting up and maintaining our departmental network of computers.

     1.3   New Members and Visiting Scholars

We welcome Dong Liang, Assistant Professor, (Applied Math), André Kushniruk, Associate Professor (Information Technology) and Alison Gibbs, Assistant Professor, (Statistics) to the department.


Please see the Department Web Page for an up-to-date list of Visiting Instructors and Visiting Scholars (

   1.4   Students working in the department

A number of undergraduate students will be working in the department through the Ontario Government Work/Study Program that subsidizes the salaries of students who do part-time work in the department. The department has been granted positions to help the Teaching & Learning Committee, as well as Lab Assistants who will be working under Gene Denzel’s supervision.


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