4.1 Term start
4.2 Timetable changes
4.3 Space in classes
4.4 Confusion
4.5 Problem sessions
4.6 Changing sections
4.7 Personal timetables
4.8 Textbooks
4.9 Missing classes

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 4. Teaching

     4.1   Term start

Undergraduate classes begin on Monday, September 11 Tutorials start the second week of classes. Graduate classes also begin on Monday, September 18, except graduate courses that are integrated with undergraduate courses, which start on Monday, September 11.


    4.2   Timetable changes

Over the summer, and probably right up to the day before classes begin, changes are made to the teaching timetables; rooms, times, instructors, etc. The timetables posted outside our Undergraduate Office (N503) are kept up-to-date. Please check to be sure you know where and when and what you are teaching. Please send lost students to these postings.

     4.3   Space in classes

You may find you have more students than chairs in your classroom. Some of the students are in the wrong room, some are just looking you over. Classes have not been over booked this year so the students officially enrolled should fit in your room.

Please ensure that students attending your section are also officially enrolled in your section. The Undergraduate Office (N502/3) can determine the status of a student if you are unsure. Please do not wait until the last minute to let students know they are in the wrong section as it causes confusion and problems when it comes time to submit grades. The Registrarís Office will not switch grades from one section to another.

If by chance you run into a situation where someone else is using the classroom assigned to you, please obtain the other courseís calendar number and department and call the Undergraduate Office (x55902) with this information. They will endeavour to straighten it out immediately. If you can find an empty nearby classroom, use it as a temporary location.

     4.4   Confusion

If you feel confused, imagine how the students feel. During the first week, and especially the first lecture, many of them will go to the wrong rooms. Please announce and write on the board each lecture during the first week what course and section it is, and who you are!

     4.5   Problem sessions

Announce in each lecture during the first week that Problem Sessions (if your course has them) and the MathStat Labs do not start until the second week of classes, that is: they begin Monday, September 18, 2000. An updated list will be circulated prior to that date and will be posted on the Undergraduate Office bulletin board. Please emphasize to students the importance of attendance at problem sessions. They should not come to the Administrative Office with any questions regarding problem sessions. Instructors are responsible for giving details of problem sessions to students.

    4.6   Changing sections

Do not feel pressured to give students permission to enter your section of a multi-sectioned course. Consider the enrolment in your section and discuss the matter with the course coordinator. Many sections are enrolled to classroom capacity and letting an additional student enroll will aggravate the scramble for seats.

If your section is full, you may have students requesting overload permission. 

If you wish to overload your course, please ensure that the student receives from you a letter stating that overload permission is granted. Please note however, that we will not be entertaining any overload permissions (for Fall or Full year courses) until after Saturday, September 23, 2000, which is the last day to make changes without the course directorís permission (page 16 of the 2000Ė01 Lecture Schedule).[1] In other words, please instruct the students to try to get into the course with the Voice Response System until then.

     4.7   Personal timetables

If you have not done so yet, you must complete and give to Fruma your office hour schedule (teaching and other definite times you know of). This schedule is particularly important for passing information on to students and the administrative staff. Any changes during the term should be given to Fruma as soon as possible. It is also important to post your office hours outside your office door. If you donít, your students stream to the Administrative Office to ask how to reach you and Fruma gets much less of your work done!

When leaving for your vacation, a conference, or for any reason that you will be away from the office please inform, in writing/e-mail, Anna of those dates. Include in your note whether or not you would wish to have Administrative mailings placed in your mailboxes during your absence, i.e., Gazette, fliers, etc. Anna will then inform Fruma and/or other staff members. Also, be sure to arrange that students have access to their final exams and the undergraduate office is kept informed of the whereabouts of your grade book and/or you for student petitions.

     4.8   Textbooks

If you are the only instructor of a course, or the course coordinator of a multi-sectioned course, be sure the Bookstore has enough copies of your textbooks. If not, contact Gillian Moore in the Applied Math Office (122 Petrie, x55248) who takes care of book orders.


    4.9   Missing classes

If you are about to miss a class due to illness, accident, etc. please attempt to notify Anna Cavaliere (736-5250) as soon as possible so that a notice can be posted for students. If you plan to attend a conference, (up to one week), etc. during the term, you are responsible to find a replacement for your classes and to provide information concerning arrangements for your classes to the Chair well in advance. Anna Cavaliere should be given a note indicating where you could be reached in an emergency. It is assumed that work missed through cancelled classes will be made up so that students are not short changed in their curriculum. So as to avoid any misunderstandings such information should be given to the class in writing with a copy to the Chair.

[1]This date may change based on the current schedule of the Registrarís Office.

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