Changes to Linear Algebra requirements
York's Putnam Tradition Continues

Advisors and Students: Important changes in Linear Algebra requirements!

1. Starting in Fall 2001, most students doing a BA or a BSc in Mathematics or Applied Mathematics or Honours Math for Commerce, or Specialized Honours Statistics, should take the sequence MATH 1021/2022 instead of MATH 2221/2222. Consult the checklists at the back of this minicalendar for the detailed requirements of each such program.

2. Students in any program, other than Mathematics (Honours or Bachelor), or Applied Mathematics (Honours or Bachelor), or Mathematics for Commerce (Honours), or Statistics (Specialized Honours), whose program requires a two-semester introduction to linear algebra, should take MATH 2221 and MATH 2222.

3. For students whose program requires only a single semester of linear algebra, it is preferable to take MATH 1025 rather than MATH 2221.

York's Putnam Tradition Continues

Some 400 colleges and universities across North America took part in the annual William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition, held last December.  Three York students took valuable time from their studies at exam time, to compete in the venerable Putnam:

Marcus Barnes, Francisco Kibedi, Yasaman Soudagar.

This year's coach was Professor Yun Gao.