Where to go for Help

Where to go for help


See the next section of this minicalendar for sources of information, and elsewhere in the minicalendar as well. The main York Undergraduate Programs Calendar will answer may questions that are not addressed here. Please remember in particular that the main Calendar contains the "official", legally binding statements of all university and faculty regulations. (York's website, www.yorku.ca, has the Calendar on-line, as well as a wealth of other information about the university.)

Course-related problems?

The first person to speak with is your instructor. Do not wait till the end of a course to try to resolve problems; deal with them when you see them coming. If for any reason your instructor's answers do not satisfy you, and the course is a multi-section one, seek out the "Course Coordinator" (the professor responsible for all sections of the course). It is part of his/her job to try to resolve problems with a course. If you still want to speak with someone, visit the Undergraduate Director, Professor Morton Abramson (416-736-5250). Faculty and staff in the Department who are doing their jobs conscientiously want to make all students feel comfortable while at York.
If you feel you need personal attention outside class time, one resource is your instructor. Faculty members are supposed to make a certain amount of their time available to their students for contact outside class. Another source of academic help is the tutorial session (if there is one) in your course, which must be announced in class by your instructor within the first week or two of classes.

The Math Lab and Stats Lab

This year, these labs, collectively called the Maths/Stats Lab, housed in S525 Ross (fifth floor of the south wing of the Ross Building), provide tutorial help for the following first and second year courses:
MATH 1013/ 1014, 1025, 1131, 1190, 1300/1310, 1505, 1510, 1515, 1530/1540, 1550, 1021/2022, 2221/2222, 2560/2570.

Note: MATH 1090 has its own tutorial sessions.

See also "Where to go for help"