Exceprt from memo sent by Sheila Embleton, Associate Dean, Faculty of Arts
regarding Academic Dishonesty:

Date: November 1994

1.  Academic Dishonesty:  As a result of the outcome of a recent case,
I need to ask all people who are handling academic dishonesty cases at
the departmenta l level to be particularly careful about retaining all
relevant evidence.  This evidence should then be forwarded along with
the file on the case to the Dean' s Office when that stage in the
process is reached.  In particular, please do n ot think that just
because a student has admitted guilt and "signed off" on a p enalty the
evdence is no longer relevant.  The Chair of the Academic Hearing Co
mmittee will still want to see the evidence, and, further, there is
alsways the possibility that the case will still go to a hearing for
some reason, in which case the evidence will be needed.  Do not return
the evidence to the student, under any circumstances.  To make all this
clearer, so that you don't forget when actually handling a case, we
have made a slight revision to Form A ("Record of Meeting(s) for
Academic Dishonesty Cases").