From: "Janice Grant" 
Date: Wed, 24 Apr 1996 16:03:34 -0400
Subject: deferred standing agreements

i write this out of some frustration.

please note that faculty of science, atkinson college and faculty of
administrative studies students MAY NOT USE THE DEFERRED STANDING AGREEMENT.
 they must petition their office of academic services and make a formal
petition for deferred standing.  this then goes to committee for approval -
sometimes this takes several weeks and even then you will probably have to fill
in some kind of form for them.

please be very carefull when completing a deferred standing agreement that the
student is allowed to use the agreement.  this office does not need to know the
circumstances, or for that matter does not need a copy of  medical certificate
- once you have completed the form with exam date and signature the deferrment
has been approved.  from now on, we will not be checking the faculty
designation and will automatically accept the form and forward it to the
registrar's office and give you the appropriate copies.

any questions ...


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