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Consulting services are provided by a group of faculty and graduate student interns drawn from York's departments of Sociology, Psychology, and Mathematics and Statistics, in conjunction with full-time professional staff at the Institute for Social Research. Our faculty, students, and staff have extensive experience in all forms of statistical analysis and a wide range of statistical software.

Consulting Topics

Topics for which assistance is available include:
See the Clients' Guide to SCS.
See the Consulting Policies and Rates.

Consulting Appointments

To make an appointment to see a consultant,


Our main consultants, links to their biographical information on the SCS Staff page, offices, and email addresses:

Name Office email
Oren Amitay 159F BSB
Colleen Bowers 159E BSB
Robert Cribbie 330 BSB
Lisa Fiskenbaum 159E BSB
John Fox 5063 TEL
Laura Friedlander 159E BSB
Michael Friendly 226 BSB
Bryn Greer-Wootten 5063 TEL
Ernest Kwan 264 BSB
Georges Monette 5063 TEL
Peggy Ng 274 Atkinson
Mirka Ondrack 5064 TEL
Alina Rivilis 5072 TEL
Qian Tong 5072 TEL
Augustine Wong 530 Atkinson

Consultants Schedule, January 2004 - April 2004

BSB refers to the Behavioural Science Bldg.
TEL refers to the Technology Enhanced Learning Building, the new home for ISR and SCS.
From April 5 - April 23, some TAs will hold additional consulting hours in Room 159E BSB during selected times, as posted on sign-up sheets outside the door.

Other consultants may also be available if you have a problem in their area of specialization.
Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
am: 10 - 12
(or as noted)
Lisa Fiksenbaum
159E BSB
Qian Tong
5072 TEL
Colleen Bowers
159E BSB
Bryn Greer-Wootten
5063 TEL
Mirka Ondrack
5064 TEL
Laura Friedlander1
159E BSB
pm: 2 - 4 Oren Amitay
159E BSB
Laura Friedlander1
(12:00 - 2pm)
159E BSB
Michael Friendly
BSB 226
Michael Friendly
BSB 226
Mirka Ondrack
5064 TEL
Rob Cribbie
BSB 330
Georges Monette2
John Fox
5063 TEL

  1. Laura will begin in the week of Feb 9.
  2. Georges Monette will consult on problems involving mixed, hierarchical and longitudinal models and R/S-Plus.

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