Online Statistics

Michael Friendly
Statistical Consulting Service
York University
This page lists a collection of Online statistical applications developed here, as well as a few pointers to others.

[webpower] WebPower: Power Analysis for ANOVA designs
[mosaics] Mosaic Displays for N-Way Contingency Tables (Requires JavaScript-capable browser for best results.)
[sieve] Sieve Diagrams for Two-Way Contingency Tables
[sasweb] Running SAS on the Web
Running the SAS System on the Web, my SUGI 22 paper. also available in a PostScript version(60K).
[sascgi] sascgi: A SAS - WWW gateway
Some sascgi examples you can try:
Links to other Web-based statistical procedures:
  • The Online WWW Statistics section of our Statistics and Statistical Graphics Resources page lists many links to web-based statistical computing.
  • One of the largest collections of links to web-based statistical computing is John Pezzullo's Statistical calculation pages.
  • SAS Design Code Generator  A Web-Based SAS Code Developer for Experimental Designs in JavaScript. Select your design from a form, then copy/paste the code into a SAS session.

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