General Information
These conferences were/are organized by the IMS to promote interaction among new researchers primarily by introducing them to each other's research in an informal setting. As part of the conference, participants will present talks and posters on their research and discuss interests and professional experiences over meals and social activities organized through the meeting as well as by the participants themselves. The relationships established in this informal collegiate setting among junior researchers are ones that may last a career (lifetime?!).

The New Researchers Conference is a meeting of recent Ph.D. recipients in Statistics and Probability. A new researcher is defined as anyone who has received a P h.D. since 1999.

Application(CLOSED as of Feb. 15, 2004)
Those interested in attending the conference will be requested to submit the following information to the Committee:

  • a letter of intent
  • a curriculum vitae
  • an abstract for a talk or poster.
  • For the previous New Researchers Conference, please check here.