Conference Day One

Wednesday, August 4, 2004

  • Morning Session I, 0016 TEL, 10:4512:00

            Survival Data Analysis and Missing Data

            Chair:  Chris Volinsky, AT & T Research

    1. Shibao Feng (Georgetown University) “Estimating Organ Procurement Organization and Transplant Center Effects on Patient Waiting Time to Deceased Donor Kidney Transplant using Lognormal Frailty Models”.
    2. Bin Nan (University of Michigan) “Censored Linear Regression for Case-Cohort Studies”.
    3. Yichuan Zhao (Georgia State University) “Empirical Likelihood Methods for Comparison of Survival Functions”.
    4. Ofer Harel (University of Washington) Analysis of Longitudinal Data with Missing Values of Two Qualitatively Different Types.
    5. Blake Whitten (University of Iowa) Maximum Likelihood Estimation in Explicit Models for Missing-Data Problems.


  • Afternoon Session II, 0016 TEL, 13:3014:45


      Chair: Bin Nan, University of Michigan

    1. Mayetri Gupta (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) “Towards a Complete Picture of Gene Regulation: Using Bayesian Approaches to Combine Genomic Sequence and Expression Data”.
    2. Wenqing He (University of Western Ontario) “A Spline Function Approach for Detecting Differentially Expressed Genes in Microarray Data Analysis”.
    3. Ingo Ruczinski (Johns Hopkins University) “Statistical and Computational Issues in Protein and Folding and Structure Prediction”.
    4. Tanya Logvinenko (Massachusetts GeneralHospital) “Analysis of Microarray Time-Course Data”.
    5. Xin Gao (York University) Nonparametric Inference for Local Extrema with Application to Oligonucleotide Microarray Data in Yeast Genome.


  • Afternoon Session III, 0016 TEL, 15:1516:30

      Stochastic Processes and Applications

      Chair: Xiaoming Hou, Georgia Tech.

    1. Fateh Chebana (UFR Sciences) “M-processes and applications”.
    2. Michael Kozdron (University of Regina) “Simple Random Walk Excursion Measure in The Plane”.
    3. Daniell Toth (Juniata College) “Correlation of Security Prices with Time Lags”.
    4. Enrique Alvarez (University of Connecticut) “Estimation in Stationary Markov Renewal Processes, with Application to Earthquake Forecasting in Turkey”.
    5. Lara Schmidt (RAND Corporation) “The Quest for Sub-Nanosecond Timing: Long-Memory Statistical Models in the DoD Timescale”.



Conference Day Two

Thursday, August 5, 2004

  • Morning Session IV, 0016 TEL, 9:0010:15

Statistical Genetics

Chair: Xin Gao, York University

    1. Alexandre Bureau (University of Lethbridge) “Efficiency of Study Designs to Detect interaction Effects Between Genetic and Environmental Factors on an Additive Risk Scale”.
    2. Karen Kopciuk (Alberta Cancer Board) “Effects of Residual Family Correlation and Ascertainment Bias on Estimating the Penetrance of a Major Gene”.
    3.  Nan Lin (Yale University) “Dissect Transcriptional Regulations Using Genetic Linkage Analysis”.
    4. Steve Qin (University of Michigan) “Some New EM Based Algorithms for Haplotype Inference”.
    5. C. Lillian Yau (Tulane University) “Modeling the Occurrences of Nucleotide Sequences Using Flowgraph Models”.


  • Morning Session V, 0016 TEL, 10:4512:00

Statistics Foundation and Inference

Chair: Steven X. Wang, York University

    1. Shenghai Zhang (Health Canada) “The Analysis of Clustered Data with Response-Selective Observation”.
    2. Nicolai Bissantz (University of Gottingen) “Nonlinear Tikhonov regularization for statistical inverse problems”.
    3. Wesley Eddings (Birmingham-Southern College) “Statisticians' Interpretations of Statistical Significance”.
    4. K. (Hurlee) Gonchigdanzan (University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point) “Almost Sure Central Limit Theorem for Products of U-Statistics”.
    5. Catia Scricciolo (Universita Commerciale "L. Bocconi") “Convergence Rates for Bayesian Density Estimation Using Infinite-Dimensional Exponential Families”.


  • Afternoon Session VI, 0016 TEL, 13:3014:45

Nonparametric Statistics and Applications

Chair: Galin Jones, University of Minnesota

1.      Moo Chung (University of Wisconsin-Madison) “Iterative Kernel Smoothing and Its Applications”.

2.      Chris Paciorek (Harvard University) “Spatial Smoothing Using a New Class of Non-stationary Covariance Functions”.

3.      Lan Wang (University of Minnesota) “Nonparametric Goodness-of-fit Test for Heteroscedastic Regression Models”.

4.      Hon Keung Tony Ng (Southern Methodist University) “Precedence Test and Some Nonparametric Alternatives”.

5.      Peter Craigmile (Ohio State University) “Statistical Methods for The Analysis of Distortion Product Otoacoustic Emissions”.    


  • Afternoon Session VII, 0016 TEL, 15:1516:30

      Design and Analysis of Experiments and Sampling Plans

      Chair:  Johanna Hardin, Pomona College

1.      Debra Ingram (Arkansas State University) “Minimum G Aberration Design Construction and Design Tables for 24 Runs”.

2.      Claudia Schmegner (DePaul University) “Principles of Optimal Sequential Planning”.

3.      Min Yang (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) “Optimal/efficient Crossover Designs Under Random Subjects Effects Model”.

4.      Eleanne Solorzano (University of New Hampshire) “Comparing k Test Treatments to Both Positive and Negative Controls in a Stepwise Procedure”.

5.      James Wright (Bucknell University) “Balanced Sampling Plans Excluding Adjacent Units”.


  • Poster Session, 0015 TEL, 9:0017:00 (only available on Thursday, August 5)

1.      Efi Antoniou (Pennsylvania State University) “Fully Nonparametric ANCOVA with Fixed Window Sizes”.

2.      Hajo Holzmann (University of Gottingen) “Identifiability of Finite Mixtures”.

3.      Mohammad Jafari Jozani (Shahid Behashti University) “Sequential Point Estimation in the Family of Transformed Chi-Square Distribution”.

4.  Guei-Feng (Cindy) Tsai (Oregon State University) “Semi-parametric and nonparametric models for cell cycle micro-array data”.



Conference Day Three

Friday, August 6, 2004

  • Morning Session VIII, 0016 TEL, 9:0010:15

Data Mining and Multivariate Analysis

Chair: Steven X. Wang, York University

1.      Ji Zhu (University of Michigan) “Piecewise Linear SVM Paths”.

2.      Yoonkyung Lee (Ohio State University) “Structured Multi-category Support Vector Machine with ANOVA decomposition”.

3.      Blythe Durbin (University of California-Berkeley) “A Deletion/Substitution/Addition Algorithm for Optimization of Neural Network Architecture”.

4.      Ryan Elmore (Australia National University) “Spherical Data Depth and an Application to Multivariate Medians”.

5.      J. Wade Davis (Baylor University) “Novel Classification Procedures for Stationary and Non-stationary Processes”.


  • Morning Session IX, 0016 TEL, 10:4512:00

New Developments in Regression Analysis

Chair: Xin Gao, York University

1.      Suk Joo Bae (University of Tennessee-Knoxville) “A Change-Point Analysis for Modeling Incomplete Burn-In in Light Displays' Manufacturing Process”.

2.      Dylan Small (University of Pennsylvania) “Over-identifying Restrictions Tests and Sensitivity Analysis for Instrumental Variables Regression”.

3.      David H. Annis (Purdue University) “Hybrid Paired Comparison Analysis”.

4.      Hyang Mi Kim (Carleton University) “Some Improved Prediction of Population Total under Regression Models with Measurement Errors”.

5.      Kim Weems (North Carolina State University) “Estimation in Generalized Linear Measurement Error Models via Instrumental Variables”.



Conference Day Four

Saturday, August 7, 2004

  • Morning Session X, 0016 TEL, 9:0010:00

MCMC Method and Theory and Applications of Mixture Models

Chair: Cindy Fu, York University

1.      Galin Jones (University of Minnesota) “Methodological Issues in Markov Chain Monte Carlo”.

2.      Max Buot (Carnegie Mellon University) “Maximum Likelihood Estimation by Homotopy Continuation”.

3.      Surajit Ray (University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill) “The Topography of Multivariate Normal Mixtures”.

4.      Xiaoming Sheng (University of Utah) “Disease Risk and Exposure to Radioactive Fallout from Nevada Test Site With Mixture of Shared Measurement Error”.