Dr. Radu Craiu

Department of Statistics

University of Toronto

Title: " Where is Waldo: Tracking Bisons and Conditional Logistic Regression"

I consider inference methods for case-control logistic regression in longitudinal setups. The motivation is provided by an analysis of plains bison spatial location as a function of the environment. The sampling is done according to a longitudinal matched case-control design in which, at certain time points, exactly one case, the actual location of an animal, is matched to a number of controls, the alternative locations that could have been reached. We develop inference methods for the conditional logistic regression model in this setup, which can be formulated within a generalized estimating equation (GEE) framework. This permits the use of statistical techniques developed for GEE-based inference, such as robust variance estimators and model selection criteria adapted for non-independent data. The performance of the methods is investigated in a simulation study and illustrated with the bison data analysis.